Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sully and Tessa

I feel like I never actually write anything about the kids-ha, I know, funny right? All I do is talk about them, but it's because they are genuinely the most awesome of awesomes. But I figured I'd do this because I took pictures, and what's the point of pictures if you don't blog them? That's the only reason we own a camera. So firstly, Tessa wrote a letter to Santa the other day. She's in preschool so she's learning her letters, but she doesn't really know how to write them that well. She can point them out and stuff, but she's still only barely 4, so she isn't super advanced when it comes to writing. Ask her any lyrics to Lady Gaga though-she knows that like the back of her lil hand. So we sat down to write Santa a letter, and I would show her the letters on my paper, and then she would copy them on hers. I am not even kidding, it was amazing. She wrote them amazingly. I was in shock. I made Alex come down and watch her, and he was like, "yeah, well we pay monthly for her to learn this stuff, so it's worth it." I was like, "get this kid on Ellen." So I realize it wasn't that amazing, but to me it was impressive. So here are the pictures I got. I don't know if the letter shows up very well, but I kept a copy of it so I could have it forever...I'm great. And she only actually wrote out Dear Santa. Then it's supposed to say I love deer(?) but she didn't pay attention anymore after that. Then she drew pictures of what she wanted, but that wasn't as impressive, so I didn't take a picture of that. And she can write her name, but it wouldn't fit in the picture without it being too hard to see.This was her trying to keep her eyes open next to her letter. She still has eye things sometimes.Here is her letter. I know it may not be that impressive, but I was impressed. This was all by herself...so that's cool.
Anyway, we put up our Christmas Tree, and we discovered it's the best babysitter ever. And we started feeding Sullivan real food. We tried in St. George, but he wasn't having it and most of it ended up on his bib. But this time I think he got a lot of it in his mouth. I have the poop to prove it. (well, I don't have it, but it seemed like proof at the time.)
That's all I got.

Catching Up-Fall

Oh boy, I haven't really put much effort into blog posts lately. Apparently I've been busy being a good mom/wife. Sorry readers, my bad. Well now that my kids are sufficiently being neglected (JK, Sully is asleep and Tessa is playing at the neighbors) I will update you like you've never been updated before. Where to start? Well since the last real thing I updated was Tessa's birthday, we'll go from there...which is basically Thanksgiving.
So for Thanksgiving this year we were with my family, which means St. George. On Sunday morning I got a call from my sister at 8 am (thanks Ces.) saying there was a huge storm coming so we needed to leave Sunday instead of Monday, which was the original plan. Alex was leaving for New York, so he didn't really care too much if we left that day. So the girls all gathered at my house after Alex went to church-that's right, just Alex-and Devon took Alex and Zach to the airport as we finished forcing the children into their car. Well guess what happened...if you were going to say Alex went to the airport with my keys in his pocket, thus delaying our trip by an hour or so, then you'd be right. So Devon had to bring the keys back to us, and then we left. Well, 9 hours later we made it to St. George. Yep, that storm was a little bit early apparently. And the stupid Beaver Police kept ruining our lives. They closed the freeway for about 3 hours, as we sat there in our cars. Luckily all the kids were amazing, so it wasn't too bad. And Stone and Tessa learned what it's like to pee by the side of the road. So it was educational as well.
Anyway, here are the pictures of when we actually got down there:
Sebs, Rubie, and Stone watching TV. Rubie turned around right before I took the picture, and then immediately went to put her arm around Stone to show how precious she is. He immediately moved away from her. So cuteMy mom bought a big play doh set for all the kids. It seriously was the best/worst thing ever. At first it was best, because they all played with it forever so we could watch our stories. Then it was the worst, because they all wanted to play with it, which turned into some bully beatdowns. I'm pretty sure Tessa almost shanked someone over the pink play doh. And that someone was probably Rubie...sorry Rudy.

And then on Wednesday we were in for some drama. I really won't get into it, because it's the longest story of my life, but Alex and Zach's plane was delayed like 4 times, so we didn't know if they were going to get there, and I couldn't handle another night without a husband, and neither could Cecily, so we were mad. People cried. Then we laughed. And there were hugs involved somewhere in there. Oh and some cooking, but I digress...so when we finally figured out that their plane was eventually going to get into the St. George airport sometime that day, we loaded up all the kids and headed over, signs and all. Have you ever taken 9 kids to an aiport? It blows. Yep, I said it. It was the worst. But they looked cute enoughNotice how none of them are looking at the camera? It's because they were all plotting to go crazy on us. And they did. They ran around, climbed on stuff, and I'm pretty sure Sebs figured out how to get into the employees only section of the airport because he mad-dogged the door for like an hour. And someone probably stole something. I don't know who or what, but I bet it happenedThis is when they finally got home. I was super happy. Cecily cried she was so happy. I'm not even kidding. She cried a lot...I didn't. I tried to, but I was just so excited to have someone else take over the children that I had actually already gone to sleep in my brain...

The next day was Thanksgiving, so we ate some food. Here is my proof:That night we all headed down to the basement to have family togetherness. People played poolPeople cuddled with my babyand people played foosball:Where was I, you might ask?Singing my brains out. Seriously, try to pry that mic from my fingers...it ain't happenin. I just love music so much. When my sisters finally did get their own song on, I stood as close as I could and sang right into their ears...and hearts.Proof.
That night, we went shopping. I've never been a Black Friday shopper, but there was a Kitchen Aid at Wal-Mart for $150, so I was all for it. So we went to Wal Mart at Midnight. Then we went to the outlets. Then Target. And at 6 am the next morning, we finally got home. I'm totally a die hard shopper. I figured we saved about $1000 between all of us. We probably spent close to $3000, but still...
Then the next day the boys went golfing. These are just funny pictures, I have no good story to go with it because girls don't golf, they cook...so says my brothers. Or me. I'm not a feminist, so I'm cool with gender rolesCameron blending in with the walls. He had on a whole lot of khakiI told them to be fun and this is what I got. Coleman and Zach must have been delayed. Or in awe. My dad's idea of fun is lifting his arm. Bless his heart.
Anyway, then we came home-it took us 7 hours to get home because again, we love to travel during horrible snowstorms. But again, the kids were great. Luckily they are seasoned travelers, so they're used to that kind of stuff.
I figure I'll throw Alex's birthday in with the rest of this, because it was right after we got home. So as I said before, he turned 28 on Monday. I can't believe it. But when he was growing up his family would make those Happy Birthday banners and hang them on the mantle for the birthday people. Well Alex's little brother's birthday is on December 3rd, so it's only 4 days after Alex. So he always complains that his banner would only last for 4 days, then Jordy would get his up for like 2 weeks. So being the awesome planner that I am, I made this little poster for him at midnight the night before his birthday. I know, I'm great. I think Mindy would approve-right Mindy?It stayed up for a week. Then I was like," Hey boo, it's Christmas's birthday now, so we be decoratin!"
And poor Alex (well, not poor Alex) bought a Mac from his Aunt back in October, so that's all he got for his birthday.And that's his Christmas too, so he better expect it's going to be wrapped again...JK, I gave him a shirt and pants. That he bought for himself in October...so his birthday was awesome. But really, I think he had a good day. Aside from buying every single Christmas present we had to buy that day, so we spent like a million dollars, which he was not too happy about, I think he enjoyed himself. He got himself a pie and everything. He deserved it! So that was our week. I'll post some more stuff in about 5 minutes.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to this guy:
These pictures never get old.
Ugh-he is 28 years old today-which is practically 30. Can you believe that I know a 28 year old? And what's worse, I'm married to one!?!? Love this kid. Or old man. I took a bazillion pictures today because I'm the best wife ever, but I didn't load them yet, so maybe I will sometime. I made him breakfast in bed (which was cereal that I carried upstairs on a cookie sheet.) And then for his presents he got our computer that we got a month ago. We aren't clever with our gifts lately. Anyway, he doesn't ever read my blog, but if he happens upon this...

Love you boo. boo be boo be boo boo boo.

He hates when I call him boo over 2 times in one sentence.

AND, happy 150th blog post to me!

Monday, November 15, 2010


So who has a genius baby? Oh, not you guys? Yeah, that's right-it's me. Sullivan rolled over today. I don't even care that he's 4 months old and it's totally normal. I was surprised. So was Tessa-she honestly thought it was a miracle. She's been taunting him with toys and food ever since to get him to do it again. And it's worked-3 whole times. Then he got mad and cried, so she got bored and started playing with her baby iPad again. I have genius children. Brag brag brag.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tessa's Birthday

AH! I have a 4 year old. I know, I'm so grown up. I figured I'd wait to post about it until all of Tessa's birthday celebrations were done, so here we are. Trust me when I say, this girl parties like it's 1999-and she doesn't even know how it was in 1999, but that just shows what a genius 4 year old I have. Jealous, much? I know.

So here was the start of the b-day celebratory events. On Saturday, we went to Incredible Pizza. Does anyone know if they have frequent diner cards? Cuz the Osborne's need us some of thems. Tessa was fortunate to be born in the same month as pretty much all of Alex's friends and Alex. Or two of Alex's friends. Or lucky for them-I probably wouldn't plan their parties if I didn't have a kid born on the same day. (her and Andy have the same day of birth, Steve's is the next day.) So lucky for all them 30 year olds that I planned a party at Incredible Pizza. Tessa loved it. And I'm pretty sure the rest of them did too. You're welcome guys.
Here is most everyone at the table. I think Emmett had had enough eating, so the Strong's were getting their game on.
Wanna hear something adorable? The single boys bought Tessa this Barbie with a scooter. What's even more adorable is they made me look bad, because everytime we go to the store Tessa asks for it, and I say no. So they made her night. And she'll always remember that if Mommy says no, she can ask Steve or Mike or Adam or Andy.

The next day was her actual day of birth, but she had to go to church. They sang to her and gave her a pencil (we had to sharpen it ourselves). JK. It was cute and she was excited. Tessa enjoys being the center of attention. Just ask all the other kids we don't ever notice. So after church she got to open her presents.
She's been asking for an iPad ever since they came out. She even told my mom and sister that her daddy was getting her one for her birthday, which came as a surprise to Alex. So one day I had to tell her the we can't buy a 4 year old an iPad, and she seriously was depressed for like 2 hours. So I found this little thing that Fisher Price makes that is a touch screen thing with games and music and you can load photos onto it. SO we told Tessa it was a baby iPad. Best idea ever. She loved it. Suck it, Apple. So here she is opening her baby iPad, and loving it.
That night we went to my parents house to celebrate Tessa, my Dad, and Alex's birthday. My mom really wanted a family picture out in the leaves, so we attempted that. The kids were pretty distracted on account of there being leaves EVERYWHERE. So it was cute. And of course the camera battery died. But this is what we got.

The kids in the leaves. Cute.
Tessa having help from all 8 of the cousins opening her presents. Stone really wanted her to relax on her birthday, so he figured he could open her presents for her. He's a sweetheart. That's him in the Buzz Lightyear costume, just checking out what she should open next. You can't see Kenzie in the picture, and I think Dexter is right on the ground. Opening presents at the Madsen's is definitely like a mini riot.
THEN, Monday Alex's family came over for a little celebration. And she got more presents, which she loves. Unfortunately I thought it was a great idea to take both of the kids to the doctor that afternoon, and they both got shots, so they felt great. And they were pleasant. Mom of the year.Opening presents. She got more barbie stuff, a really comfy blanket, and some more clothes. AND, Lance bought her about 10 different notebooks, which if you know her, you know he won for best present ever.
This is her checking out the notebooks. She was speechless.

Then on Tuesday, she was the birthday leader at her school. So I stayed up making cupcakes and doing her poster, which turned out j'adorable. It was so adorable, it was french. That probably earned me some mom of the year points. I wouldn't let her help with the cupcakes or the poster. I'm the best. She still didn't feel very good, and even her teacher told Alex she could tell she didn't feel good, which was sad. And it also tells me she might be a little crazy at pre-school.Tessa looking sick. Sad.Tessa with her poster.
I think she had an awesome birthday, she still likes the presents she got, which is good-I just can't believe she's 4. It is crazy. Ugh. I love her.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Tessa!

It's Tessa's birthday today! My lil gal is 4 years old...4 going on 40...I actually don't know what that term really means, but I'm pretty sure it means she acts old for her age? Yes? Well she does. And even though she's been exceptionally mean to me and Alex today, we LOVE her. There will be more blogs to come celebrating the day she was born, but we spanned it out in a 3-4 day period. So hopefully by Wednesday the celebratin' will be done and I'll show all the amazingness that was Tessa's birthday. See ya then.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know-someone's behind!! But I've been out of town for most of October, so I am slowly but surely getting other important things done before blogging. Like catching up on Jersey Shore-what's the situation with Situation, right? Anyway, I know everyone is DYING to see pictures of my kiddos on Halloween, so wish granted...
Tessa getting her make up did. If you know her, you know she's a bit of a diva (I say 'bit' extremely loosely-and by diva I mean drama queen.) BUT, she can be having a tantrum of her life, and if I tell her she can put make up on, she calms down in about 2 seconds. And you know, it was Halloween. Final product. Sullivan was the Cheshire Cat, but he wouldn't keep his smile binky in, so it was hard to tell.Tessa as Alice in Wonderland. I've got about 30 pictures of different poses, but this is the best. She knows how to work it. I blame the media.Tessa and Sully with the grandparents. Me and the sisters with Dexter. He was a butcher. OMG I love him. You know how sometimes you are gone for a day and you miss your kids or your spouse or something sooooo much and you can't wait until you see them again? Well I do this with Dexter...seriously, sometimes I just randomly show up just to hold him and eat his cheeks. And you better believe that's a homemade jelly filled doughnut that Cessy's holding. Change my life, try.Tessa and her cousins-Stone and Sebby. Ugh-I love these boys too. I'm pretty sure Sebby hates me, but I'm gonna make him love me if it's the last thing I do. This was right after I forced him to hug me.
Family Picture-me and Alex dressed up too. I was Chelsea 6.0 and he was Alex circa 2009.
I don't have any pictures with my kids and the other cousins because we were gone for that family par-tay, but if you want to see some cute kids, go to Cessy's blog. Seriously, I know everyone thinks they have the cutest neices and nephews, but you are all liars. Except Cessy and Cailey and Ashlii...or any of my other siblings.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So. If you know me you should know I L.O.V.E Diet Coke. And you should know that I'm awesome. But that's not what we're talking about right now. Anyway, since I had my baby 4 months ago, I feel the normal fat-ness that comes with it. Except side note:I look pretty good. Anyway, I decided (with some slight coaxing from Alex) that I should probably stop drinking soda. And since the only soda I drink is Diet Coke, that means I have to stop drinking it. And Alex wasn't slightly coaxing-he was pretty much threatening me...with a new comforter set (which I really want, so it's cool. I just don't know where to get it from-any ideas?). So here's what my blog is about. Soda is good. I seriously already miss it and it's only been 30 minutes. But I figure since today I drank about 80 oz of Diet Coke (and 20 oz of Ginger Ale) it would be a good time to stop. I know, I think it's gross too. That's all.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mr. Mom

So Alex got home from his never ending business trip this last Friday, and since he's home for a while he decided to stay home with the kids today while I went to work. Normally I'd be all over that offer, but last night Sullivan caught some kind of bug and was throwing up for a good part of my sleep time. BUT, this morning when it had been 4 hours since his last up-chuck, Alex told me to go to work and he could handle our kids for a day...well this is what I came home to...
Tessa. On top of the coffee table watching Monster House-you may see the Play Doh strewn about. I'm pretty sure she's been eating it. And that big box is the same one that Alex promised he was going to get rid of when the garbage truck came 5 hours ago.
Close up-same outfit that she had on yesterday. And look at her hair....she's like a homeless kid.She saw the previous picture and didn't like what she saw, so she posed.And my sick lil baby. He's still throwing up-the doctor said he caught some virus that's been going around and everything will be fine within 24-48 hours. But notice, he's cuddling his burp cloth, no shirt on, I don't know where those socks came from, and that's Tessa's blanket. Oh, and he's in the middle of our kitchen. Perfect place for a nap, right?

All I can say is, Mom of the Year is totally mine. I can't say the same for Alex...

But I'm glad he's home. Now I can finally watch all the scary movies I've been waiting to see.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You think she needs a creative outlet?

This is what we see all the time. Seriously, if there is music on, Tessa will break into some kind of dance. I think maybe it's time to enroll her in some dance classes or something. And yes, it was the Britney Spears Glee episode that she was dancing to. We love gLee.

Dexter...meet Dexter.

I watched Dexter the other night(my nephew, not the show...although I watched that too) and I decided to introduce him to a special someone...
yep...these are my bobble heads. And I figured Dexter should know where he got that name from. You're welcome Cailey.
Just a couple of serial killers hanging out on the couch.
Someone said something funny...I think it was about blood splatter. Or kill rooms.

Sorry mom.

But isn't he the cutest? I know...we're related.

Sullivan's Blessing

So we had Sullivan's blessing about 2 weeks ago. I seriously stressed about it for like the entire month before, which is crazy because that means I was worrying about it when he was only about 3 weeks old.... Mainly because I'm basically a single mom...so I was like, "oh man, there's lots of yard work to do...and I don't do outdoors." Luckily, Alex came home and had enough time to get stuff done...except haul a bunch of chairs and tables in the backyard. That was me. (I was pissed...still am.) I was also pretty stressed because we also had to SPEAK in church. JK. I rock at speaking...I've been doing it since I was like 9 months old. But here is the one and only picture we got of the day. My mom got some of Sully all by himself on our couch, but I don't have those. Just picture him without the rest of us. Cute, right?

And if anyone was wondering, I also rock at being a single mom...I don't know what all of those teen mothers are complaining about.
JK. I realize that might be a little inappropriate. But Cardon family, if you are reading this, please let Alex come home...(Ashley-pass it on.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fastest 2 Hours Ever

Tessa started preschool today! I was all nervous to drop her off, and I even had butterflies in my stomach last night as I was going to bed. It was almost like I was starting preschool. We dropped her off and she didn't even turn around...and when I wanted to take her pictures in front of the sign, I'm pretty sure I saw her roll her eyes at me. Apparently I'm the embarrassing mom. I guess Tessa didn't see the mom who just rolled out of bed to drop her kid off. Or the mom that was wearing those shape up skechers...
But we dropped her off and came back home and it was like I barely sat down and we had to go pick her up again. When she's home 2 hours is like an eternity, but when she's gone it goes by as fast as possible! She learned the letter S today, which is good because that makes up half of her first name. AND she came home with book orders! Who remembers those? And I told her that since I rarely got to order books from the book orders, she could order whatever she wanted. Then I looked at them, and was like, "we'll go to Barnes and Noble if you want these." I totally get why I never got book orders. Who wants to wait a month for a book that I can drive down the street to buy? Anyway, here's pictures! She's already best dressed...no joke, one of the other moms verified...
Cute boots right? Yeah, I went to 3 H&Ms to get those suckers...no thanks to Alex.

This is her at her school...she's so cute.

These pictures are obvious. One's with me and one's with Alex. Try and guess which is which.