Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wow-blog much Chels? I know I do. So Tessa started preschool again this year, which she was super excited for because apparently they are learning to read. And in her own words "someone needs to teach me to read, because you (as in me, her loving mother) aren't doing a thing around here." So naturally I decided to focus on what was most important as she started school-her outfit. And we nailed it.
First day of school pose. Yep. It's a denim mini skirt and knee high riding boots...I remember having one of these every year on our front porch. One year I swear I was wearing a windbreaker...it was during my fat stage.

Tessa on the cute bench outside of her class. She got so embarrassed that I made her sit there so I could take her picture. I mean it was a full on eye roll and "MOM-MY!" Bless her heart.

Tessa and her BFF, Gracie. We totally carpool with her. I'll keep you all posted on her reading progress-so far she can read Cat. But I think she actually memorized what it looks like, so we'll see.

Tessa's Transformation

So a few days before Tessa started preschool, which is highlighted later, we decided she needed to get a haircut...and feather extensions. So we went on down to Cookie Cutters...where there was a 3 hour wait. So we went back 3 hours later! And it was seriously shocking how much hair they cut. This girl had a lot of hair.

Before-she was trying her hardest not to pose...but it got her hand.

After-ugh I love her.

Try #2

In Alex's massive effort to get Tessa to become a lesbian, we signed her up for soccer...again. JK, it was my idea this time. I didn't want her to be the only one of her friends not on the team...it would be like Rudy, except she doesn't want to play. So here are her pictures! And for the record, I don't think soccer players are lesbians. They are just headed in the right direction...ha.

This is Tessa, lil number 10. Look at that form...you would never think, "hey, this girl is more worried about her lip gloss" but she is...

Her team pictures. This was the best one.
And Tessa-she's like Hope Solo (that's the one on Dancing with the Stars).