Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey it was mine and Alex's anniversary last week-5 years (I know, no one thought it would last). Well anyway, we went to New York, New York. The city so nice, they named it twice: the other name is Manhattan. (Direct Office quote.) Let me tell you, it was the best! Except for the day when Alex made me walk like 40 blocks for no reason-which pretty much made me go into premature labor, and then he wouldn't even buy me a hot dog. But that was just one the good parts!!

Here were our highlights, so not to bore you with our week-o-love. I'll explain them further if need be. Get ready-it was full of highlights.

1: Alex surprised me by renting a limo to drive from Albany to Manhattan. It was totally stocked with Diet Cokes and Easter candies. My best day ever. Alex tried to make me lay down across the back, but I knew better...
2: Totally got to stay right in Time Square. So did every other Asian ever...
3: We met a Scottish guy who said he'd never met a Mormon before, so he was pretty stoked that he met 2 at once. He said it was like waiting forever for a bus-you get 2 at once? It was some analogy. All I know is he didn't even try to pitch to us his awesome new bar/comedy club on account of we were Mormons. Good for us. I didn't get a picture of him. Picture a guy with an accent. AND no, I don't mean Bronson Pinchot from Perfect Strangers, although every time I think of a man with an accent I think of him.

4: We had to take a bunch of pictures like this one:
because we didn't want to ask other people to take them for us...and the fact that I'm pregnant, so full body shots are not good. Ask my mom...she told me I was big. It's cool.

5: Every night when we went out, there were massive amounts of guys promoting a comedy show, and they would ask us if we liked comedy, blah blah blah. So one night, Alex said yes we did, but we were heading to see Rock of Ages on Broadway and this adorable African American gentleman gave him a bust and told him 'he (Alex) was a sexy white guy'. Alex won't stop talking about it...
Sexy enough for you? Ha-I can't resist these pictures.
6: At dinner one night, we were standing waiting for our table to be cleaned off, and there was an adorable little French woman who kept smiling her approvals at me. I'm pretty sure she was sending her good intentions to my baby, which is really sweet.
7: ROCK OF AGES!!!!!!!!-this highlight has like a bazillion highlights within itself. Oh my it was the best musical ever. For those who don't know, music pretty much makes my blood hurt. Not just any music, awesomely awesome music. And then I really love musicals. You make something into a musical, I'll become a fan. I wish they would air that Cop Rock show again, because I bet I would've loved it. Anyway, these things are all well and good, until they combine every band that I love into a MUSICAL. It literally (not literally) melted my face. AND, the star was Constantine Maroulis-you know, from American Idol. Oh my gosh, there are so many things I can say about this. But here, I'll break it down.
  • First, they gave everyone fake lighters. They were kind of like those laser pointer things, so you would push a button and it would light up. So when they would sing songs we would wave our lighters, just like a real concert.
  • We were right on the front row, to the side, so the actors/actresses would sing directly to us. And they would seriously sing to us. And once one of the guys practically kicked me in the head.
  • When the hippie in the play came down to pass out fliers, I was the only person in the audience that she gave one to. THE ONLY PERSON.
  • The drunk rocker (there was only one specific one) sat behind me for awhile and put his boot on my chair. It was part of the show. And he dropped his fake money, which I totally stole.
  • Near the end, the hot stripper girl came down into the audience and high fived me and Alex. It was like she gave us a private lap dance.
  • There were hot strippers...always a highlight.
  • When they were singing "Don't Stop Believin', Alex and Constantine had a moment. They smiled and head nodded at each other.
  • Also during "Don't Stop Believin', Constantine and other lead girl came over by us and my baby kicked, and he smiled and nodded at me. He totally approved of my pregnancy!
  • And lastly, the songs were freaking amazing. Seriously-you can't go wrong with Whitesnake, Journey, Mr. Big, Poison, REO Speedwagon, and many others...especially when Constantine is peering into your soul while singing...
This is when I remembered to take a picture. This is all the stuff we got from the musical. That's my flyer from the hippie, and my fake money...and my baby belly, which I had before.
But for realsies, it was the best. Except I sincerely missed Tessa so much. It was weird. Normally I'm totally cool with abandoning her with the grandparents/aunts whenever possible, but for some reason I cried almost every day because I missed her so much. It could be because of the hormones that are rushing through my body at a terrifying rate...or I just love that little girl.
And she got her cast off today, so she's not so boyish anymore! What's not to love!!??!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tessa's Phase

So I've always heard that kids (or maybe girls, who knows) will go through a phase where they want to pick out their own clothes and dress themselves and all that, but Tessa never did that, so I was like whatevs. Welp, I was wrong. She changes a good 6 times everyday, but her outfit always centers around this little tank top that I got from Forever 21.

It's so cute, but it's still way too big for her, so you get a little 'show' when she wears it...

Anyway, she's always so proud of herself when she gets dressed-all I asked is that she at least try to dress this is what she came up with today.

Yep. That's a ballerina skirt. And she didn't even try to put the tank top on right...spiteful. At least she posed cute-I mean look at the extension of her legs! And I promise I actually do her hair. She pulled it out today so she could try to eat the clip that was holding it back...I realize most of my posts about Tessa make her sound "less than fresh"...I promise she's smart!

That's all I've got.