Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So. If you know me you should know I L.O.V.E Diet Coke. And you should know that I'm awesome. But that's not what we're talking about right now. Anyway, since I had my baby 4 months ago, I feel the normal fat-ness that comes with it. Except side note:I look pretty good. Anyway, I decided (with some slight coaxing from Alex) that I should probably stop drinking soda. And since the only soda I drink is Diet Coke, that means I have to stop drinking it. And Alex wasn't slightly coaxing-he was pretty much threatening me...with a new comforter set (which I really want, so it's cool. I just don't know where to get it from-any ideas?). So here's what my blog is about. Soda is good. I seriously already miss it and it's only been 30 minutes. But I figure since today I drank about 80 oz of Diet Coke (and 20 oz of Ginger Ale) it would be a good time to stop. I know, I think it's gross too. That's all.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mr. Mom

So Alex got home from his never ending business trip this last Friday, and since he's home for a while he decided to stay home with the kids today while I went to work. Normally I'd be all over that offer, but last night Sullivan caught some kind of bug and was throwing up for a good part of my sleep time. BUT, this morning when it had been 4 hours since his last up-chuck, Alex told me to go to work and he could handle our kids for a day...well this is what I came home to...
Tessa. On top of the coffee table watching Monster House-you may see the Play Doh strewn about. I'm pretty sure she's been eating it. And that big box is the same one that Alex promised he was going to get rid of when the garbage truck came 5 hours ago.
Close up-same outfit that she had on yesterday. And look at her hair....she's like a homeless kid.She saw the previous picture and didn't like what she saw, so she posed.And my sick lil baby. He's still throwing up-the doctor said he caught some virus that's been going around and everything will be fine within 24-48 hours. But notice, he's cuddling his burp cloth, no shirt on, I don't know where those socks came from, and that's Tessa's blanket. Oh, and he's in the middle of our kitchen. Perfect place for a nap, right?

All I can say is, Mom of the Year is totally mine. I can't say the same for Alex...

But I'm glad he's home. Now I can finally watch all the scary movies I've been waiting to see.