Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Private

So weird story. The other day my sister decided to privatize her blog, so I called her to see if she found out creepers were looking at it-totally joking-but she said that one day she had a ton of random followers that she had never heard of, and they were sketchy and all that. And then she kept getting random weird comments-like spam-so she had to go through and delete them all, so she decided to privatize. So I was like, "that's weird because that's never happened to me"...not even kidding, the next day it happened. So I was going to wait and see if it happened again, and it has, so I'm going private. I actually hate private blogs, because I don't like to tell people I know all of their intimate details, but I feel like everyone who reads this are people that I know, so just leave me your emails.

Seriously, I think I jinx myself all the time, because when people tell me about weird things that happen to them, I think "weird, that's never happened to me" and then the next day it happens. Just like that time when Alex's aunt told me she got a random virus that totally screwed up her computer...the next day I had a million porn thumbnails pop up on my desktop. Which is weird, because we only use the laptop for our porn...Just kidding. Well, about the laptop, not about the millions of porn thumbnails that popped up. That's for reals.

Leave your emails, I'll totally invite you to read about my life....if I feel like you can be trusted and aren't a super weirdy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So Sullivan is 6 months old! Eek, right? I know. I'm convinced he got Alex's scrawny lil body...jk, Alex is super meaty and strong. JK again. But when Tessa was this age she was in the 90th percentile for her height and weight, so basically she was whatever the girl version of a tank was. Sullivan, on the other hand, is only 27 inches long, so 75th percentile, and 17 pounds, which is only 50th! I know, who's kid is this, right? But he's a-dorable. He doesn't sit up yet, but I really feel like he crawls already. He can make it across the floor in just a few short hours. And, he can speak French! Ha..I kid again, but wouldn't that be crazy? I bet there is a baby somewhere that is speaking French at 6 months.
Since I've sucked at taking pictures lately, this is the most recent shot I've got of this little guy-I was working yesterday and he was being fussy because he had to get shots, and so I pulled out Tessa's old bouncy thing. He loved it. For 5 minutes. AH, I love him.
It's out of focus because he had figured out how to bounce in it. But his ears seem like they are still in focus...weird.