Friday, April 15, 2011

Can't I Just Pose?!!

So I have lots to blog about. Lots. But instead, I'm going to post my pictures I just got about 2 minutes ago. Tessa has been dying to wear this little dress I got her for when we go to Myrtle Beach since I bought it for her like 3 months ago. Problem is, it's sleeveless and short, so obviously being the awesome mom I am, I'm not going to let her wear it when it's cold out. Plus, I don't want her to get it dirty. Anyway, so today she asks if she can please wear it again, and she promises to wear leggins (tights) and a cute sweater with it. Let me point out here, she said cute, not me. Obviously, I'm not going to let her wear an ugly sweater, but she felt the need to say that to convince me to let her wear it. So color me convinced. She picked out her whole outfit, and she actually didn't do too bad. So this is why I thought it was funny...
I asked her to take a picture, and this is what she did everytime. When I said, "Tess, just stand normal so I can get a picture of your outfit!" She said, "UGH, can't I just pose?!"
That's my girl.

This was her standing normal. She just couldn't do it...had to get that hand out there and have a slight turn of the leg. She's been looking at too many fashion blogs...
On another note, Sullivan is crawling now, so he constantly wants to be down on the ground and moving, which is totally cool, except he's already choked on Barbie shoes twice, plus he found a bunch of Tessa's candy she had stashed under the couch, so that was fun. And he figured out stairs the other day, which in turn made Tessa how to figure out how to pick him up and throw him down the stairs. Another fun time. But I did manage to get him to sit still for a picture.
He just couldn't take his eyes off of Pregnant in Heels. Stupidest show ever.