Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Zoo. (I'm saying this with a foreboding tone...get ready.)

Ces and I took the children to the zoo-which was awesome, as always. If you haven't heard, there's a new baby elephant and it is adorable! Seriously, where can I get me one of them right? Anyway, we bought tickets to the train and the carousel, but we were jipped on the train. For reals, do they purposely hide all the animals, or do they really not have any on the train route? Good questions. Discuss amongst yourselves while I upload some pictures.
Tessa, Sebby, and me on the train. Sebastian has no idea what's about to hit him. (Don't worry Sebs, nothing's coming.)
Who doesn't love bronze statues of animals? I know I do! The kiddos on lions. Obvi.
We hit up the carousel after having some sketchy chicken at The Bistro (not to be confused with The Beastro, which is a common mistake.) Ces snuck in the picture. She loves her some carousel-ing.Stone was not happy to leave the carousel, even though we rode it twice. We got some free tickets from some lady who had brought her 17 year old son. She told us he was too depressed to ride on it, and we were like, "well yeah, he's 17 and his mom just bought him some carousel tickets at the zoo-then told complete strangers with toddlers he wouldn't ride on it. I'd be depressed too." But I really wanted to show how desperately Stone wanted back on that thing. He's crying and we are leaving him. He didn't even care.Everyone loves to measure up, but I do it in a more fierce way. A little pop of the hip and it's like Vogue meets Gorillas.This bronze gorilla is always good fun. Sebastian hated it!Tessa was ok with it.And I loved it so much I curled right up in it's lap. (There were two guys that were taking pictures like this before us, so we thought 'Hey, us too!')
Anyway, that was our zoo day in a nutshell. I'm pretty sure we saw some animals and met a crazy little 5 year old in between the picture moments.

Simpable Things

So the millionth annual Simpable Things was held last week-and it was K-RAZY! (That's way more crazy than if you spell it with the C). We had awesome costumes/uniforms, complete with liquid leggings. Everyone looked fierce in them-eat that Lauren Conrad! Anyway, it was way fun, as always. And no one had a melt down this time, which was nice. (Last time it was me who had the meltdown, so I know how vast the improvement was.) Here are the picto-files:
The girlies in their costumes. So hot. And yes, Ces is resting her arm on Missy's head. Those Hymas's are little.
The Madsen girls in their boots. Pulling. Them. Off.
Tessa and I. She didn't get a costume on account of her only being 2. Maybe next year!
Tessa and her new bestie Maycie Jean. They loved each other. I was really glad these two liked each other this time, because last time Maycie was a little scared of Tessa. But with good reason. Sometimes I'm scared of her!

Yes. This is my boo. And those are my boots. Alex managed to fit into the costumes that we had. AND his legs look way skinnier than mine! Jealous much?

Anyway-that's all I've got for this post. Stay tuned, there's more to come. I've gots lots.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


SO. This weekend Zach (my BIL) ran the St. George Marathon. It was in St. George. So we went down to support him. Seriously, that's like a 30 miler....sounds like work, right? Well, he did a good job-I believe he finished in 4 hours. This was his first marathon. I'm pretty sure he's entering an Iron Man Competition now. Or not. We'll see. But for reals, it was amazing-I cried-I just have a lot of emotions.
This was the guy that my mom told me was Zach and I took a picture super fast, because-hello-they are running. She's a kidder. She kept pointing at guys and telling me that it was him since I had the camera. It was pretty funny of her. When she pointed at a girl I thought it had gone too far.
(I'm kidding. That never happened.)

This really was Zach. Obvi. He did his hair up so we could tell it was him.The family that came to support. Stone's making out with a popsicle. Tessa is still trying to figure out how to hold hers. Sebastian passed out. (And no, my husband did not come, but yes, we are still married. Just in case you were confused.)

It was a fun trip. In other highlights, we (Cailey, Devy, and I) went to see Zombieland. Oh. My. Best. Seriously, so funny. I'm not even kidding! That's all.

Good job Zach!