Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poor Kids

So both of my kids decided last night to start puking...a lot. And not just once every few hours. Every half hour. For a while, they were alternating every 15 minutes, so Tessa would get done, then as soon as we got it all cleaned up, Sullivan would go. It's terrible. But they both fell asleep, and I think I have about 20 minutes before one of them (or both of them) starts puking again...

Look at this poor kid...she has her bowl, her sprite, her water, her toast, and her towel...I can't even show how gross Sully looks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can You Believe It?!

Wow, it has been a while, right? I bet you were missing me. For some reason our pictures wouldn't update on blogger, so I didn't feel motivated to figure out what was wrong, so blogging was put on the back burner. Turns out I just had to turn off my computer...crazy technology, right? And since I thought everyone is wondering what's happened to me, I figured today was the day! So I figured I'd neglect the children for a bit and update! Sullivan has already pulled the gate that blocks our stairs down on him about 7 times this week, so I figure he's fine to roam the house. If he gets hurt, he'll learn, right? And Tessa isn't talking to me anyway. I won't let her watch Pretty Little Liars, so she's a bit upset. Bless her heart. Anyway, not much has gone on in the lives of us, except we have a new neice! Scarlett Jean is here, and I wish I had proof, but I don't. I didn't have my camera to take any cute pictures of her, but she's great. Just check out my sister's blog. It was also the Utah Art's Festival, which I also don't have any pictures of...I'm terrible at picture taking lately. But don't worry, it was fun. I just realized I don't really have a lot of things to talk about. guys know my baby? You know, Sullivan? Well, he's turning one on Friday. ONE. Who would've thunk it. And we totally didn't screw him up! And even though he's not one for 3 more days, I would like to officially give him a shout out, since I probably won't blog again for another month...JK. I know y'all can't live without me. But here are some super cute pictures of my baby.
This is Sullivan's new face. It's adorable. It really takes the focus off his ears.
Oh my gosh. He's so cute. Notice the spit on the side of his mouth.
Something hilarious obviously just happened.
Isn't he the cutest? I know, right. He is. And just so we don't let this little lady be forgotten...
She picked out a lot of her own outfit. Obviously, she had to pose.
And this was when she was waiting for Alex to finish her playset outside. She's pretending to mother like daughter.