Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm an Awesome Mother

Because this is what goes on when I let Tessa play alone in her room...
Her book of 2000 stickers is now down to 1500. You can't see this, but they are also under her arms and on her legs.

I thought she was playing with her barbies...she's great. And don't worry Alex, I wasn't watching the Bad Girls Club Marathon or anything...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Creepy Christmas

So everybody loves to go see Christmas lights, right? Pretty much. But nothing warms my heart like some creepy holiday displays. I can't even explain the joy I feel when I stumble across these little pieces of heaven. The thing that I think is wrong about Christmas is that the paper will always give a little map of the houses that are amazingly decorated, but they never point out the little gems of creepiness. So when I do find one, it's a Christmas miracle. Here's what Alex and I found tonight...on Christmas Street.
This cute little house. Decorated beautifully. And it even had little children gazing out the window...
"Wait!" I shouted to Alex..."those aren't just any children"...

That's right. They are fake. And they stare into your soul.

I love it. This is the best part about Christmas...this and Baby Jesus.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Baby Dexter is here! My lil sis Cailey went into labor yesterday-well last night and she had Dexter Alan Tonks at 7:56 am today. He is 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 inches long. And he has blonde hair...a little bit. He's so cute! I love him so much!! (said while crying) Here are pictures!
The new family. Yes, those are tears you see in Devon's eyes. He still had tears in his eyes hours later. He just really loves fatherhood.
Dexter. Obviously. Like I would put a picture of a newborn baby that wasn't Dexter.
Grandpa Ted with Dexter. He tried to make me pay for his visitors pass because he wanted to stay in there...I didn't pay. He's my dad, so he gave it to me...
Dexter and me. He already loves me.
Cessy and Dexter. She loves him.
Zach and Cessy and baby. They love babies. They plan on having some more.
UGH. He's so cute! And I'm not even saying that because he's my newest nephew. He's really cute. I can't wait to have my July.
Congratulations Cailey and Devon!
You did a good job making a baby!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday the family gathered to celebrate birthdays for Alex, Cailey, and Ashlii. But it was really more than that. It was magical!! So Cecily was acting a little fishy at dinner, so naturally I assumed someone was going to Michael Myers our party. If you don't know what that means than you don't know me. But it turns out it was an even better surprise!!! Santa came to town. And by town, I mean to our house. The kids loved it. Except Stone-see Cessy's post...
Tessa with Santa
The kids in their new PJs. They were adorable! Tessa was holding onto Sebastian for dear life...he even tried to make out with her to get her to let him go. It was awesome.
The birthday trio. Cailey is she's balancing her cup on her belly.

SO. Since Santa came, we thought it would be good to do some family pictures!!! Feast your eyes on these bad boys.
Breakfast Club-these are my sibs.

Then, we were like, "what would be an awesome picture?" And Coleman said, "Alex, pretend to kiss Camerone and we'll all cheer."
Alex doesn't need to be asked twice...
Those are real cheers. No one is faking in this picture. And Cameron's eye was open....and this was like the fourth time we took it. That's my family. Aren't we the best?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Festivus for the Rest of Us

I'm actually talking about the Festival of Trees. And really, this post isn't about trees-it's about Sophie-she's my neice. She performed at the Festival of Trees on Wednesday and she was Adorable. With a capital A. Here's my proof:
Getting ready for the dress rehearsal...good thing her awesome aunt Chelsea keeps a tube of red lipstick in her purse, just for these occassions.
Posing. This girl can pose...obviously. She sort of looks like one of those girls that they do the VH1 documentaries on because they are 5 and in the pageant circuit...Ashlii, look into that. And don't mind Tessa in the background, in sweats. It was actually an entire sweatsuit. That's how I roll.
Posing again. She was the cutest one. Sorry Chloe (I'm pretty sure she said one of the other girls was named Chloe...)

VIDEO FOOTAGE! That's what I'm good for. It's actually a pretty crappy video because some 2 year old kept getting in my business. And near the end some girl stood in front of her, so I couldn't get a clear shot of it. But she rocked.

Good Job Sophie!

Family Pictures

Everyone else is posting their family pictures, so I am going to as well!! (yes Cessy and Heather, I'm talking about you.) I like when people tell me how cute Tessa sue me. These were taken by our friend Jordan...we thought we'd help him by letting him add a totally adorable family to his portfolio. You're welcome Jordan.

Tessa looks awesome in this picture. People asked me if we told her to do that, and we didn't. This is just her face.Our little family-no, he didn't do anything to make my skin look transparent...that's just my skin. I'm that white.These two pictures of Tessa are so funny to me! The top one doesn't even look like her, but it's just so many times can I say funny? The bottom one is totally her. Jordan told her to dance, so she listened! That's all.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To my boo. Alex's birthday was today...did you think I was talking about a different boo that I have? Silly you. I love Alex-obviously. I married the kid. So just a shout out on his birthday is nice...I can't believe how old he is...this is our conversation this morning:
Chelsea: "Happy Birthday Boo!"
Alex: "Thanks!"
Chelsea: "How old are you now?"
Alex: "I'm 27!"
Chelsea: "Disgusting."

So as you can tell, I love this kid and his old age. Pretty soon I'm going to have to tell people I'm married to a 30 year old. Gross. I think when I'm 27 the world will run solely on hugs as their currency. And there will be flying cars. But anyway, here's 2 pictures that I think show Alex in all his 27 year old glory...
This is Alex just being a good dad. Kids like water-and he knows what kids like.

And this is actually Alex at 25, but it's such a great picture. You can tell he's thinking about when he'll be 27. It looks beautiful. I can't not laugh when I see these...I'm sorry!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Boo!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm sure I've posted something about this before, but I'm going to do it again. When I was little every Saturday night my mom would make me and my sisters go get the foam curlers, a glass of water, and the comb so that she could do our hair for Sunday. I hated it. I'm sorry mom. It just took so long and sometimes it hurt, and then you have to sleep with these foam curlers all night and you can't get them wet in the bath the next morning...there was just a lot of stuff that sucked about those curlers. Of course we all looked adorable the next day with our curly hair, but the price for that beauty was too much for me. I don't know how my sisters felt about it, but I'm pretty sure it was the same. One time Cessy even got her curlers wet and ruined her hair-I think it was so that my mom would take away her privileges of having curled hair for church. She was always the smart one.
ANYWAY, a while ago I was at my local grocer where they sell what? Foam curlers. And so I bought them and last night I thought "hey, why not try those out and see what happens?" So I said to my 3 year old, "Go get your comb. Mommy's going to make you pretty." I realize that sounds creepy, but back off. She's my kid, so I can say whatever I want to her. So I put curlers in her hair. But here's the weird part: She absolutely LOVED it. She was so excited. She even woke me up last night because one of them fell out, and she needed me to fix it so her hair would be pretty today.
Here's the lesson I learned: Just because I hated something in my youth doesn't mean Tessa is going to. So I'm going to start buying tomatoes and fish so she can try those out too. I realize these things have nothing to do with the actual curlers, but I hate a lot of food, so I just don't make it or I don't buy it, but maybe Tessa will like it! I should probably give her the chance.
Who knew that those foam curlers would teach me this valuable lesson?
Probably my mom. She's smart.

No, this post isn't meant to be insightful. It's more of a joke, but I really did think about that...I'm probably still not going to buy tomatoes...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tessa's Birthday

So I finally got around to uploading pictures of Tessa's actual birthday. I took a billion pictures, but I don't want to take forever to explain them all, so here are a few of them. This is Tessa as soon as she woke up. Don't mind her hair. I don't know what that girl does at night, but this is how she looks pretty much every single morning. Her hair is so crazy. And yes, this is what we let her sleep in. I don't even care. And this is Tessa in her birthday outfit. She only wore it for like 10 minutes because we gave her a big thing of dress up clothes, so she kept changing from dress to dress. And as I said before, she fell asleep at 6. Opening presents. Notice her new dress.
This is Tessa and my dad and Rubie, who snuck into the birthday people shot. It's my dad's birthday this Saturday so we celebrated them together. Rubie just likes taking pictures with people. I don't know why it's such a bad picture....sorry.

Unfortunately for Tessa (and Alex) I was pretty sick on her birthday, most of the weekend, and I still am today. So we didn't really have too much fun on her birthday-next year it'll be better!

Fortunately, it's not the Swine Flu...

THAT'S RIGHT! The Osborne's are becoming a quartet!

OMG OMG OMG. I'm so excited! I can't even tell you people how excited we are! But I'll try...
Alex and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I even took fertility drugs and everything, but nothing was working. So after I had a nervous breakdown and cried for a week, we decided to stop trying so hard. And voila. We are now with child! I'm about 8 weeks, so I'm due June 23rd. LOVE IT!!!!

Best day ever.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To my baby. That's right people, I have a 3 year old! Yesterday was Tessa's b-day and now she's older...which happens everyday, but yesterday we actually got to celebrate it! We didn't do a big party this year, we just had breakfast with Alex's family and then tonight we are going to my parents for dinner. And she was only awake for half of the day anyway-she woke up at 9:00 and fell asleep at 6:00. But it was fun 9 hours! This post is boring...when I upload the pictures of her actual birthday it'll be way better.This is Tessa on Day 1. Or probably day 2. She was cute. And this is her last month, at Stone's birthday. Shout out to Stone.

Anyway, I don't want to be a mom that gives updates on what she's doing, because she'll never read this-but just FYI, she's in the 99% for her heighth. That's my amazing fact about my baby. She still can't say 99th percentile, but she's in it! Suck on that!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Worry, I'm Alive

It's been a while since I posted last. I had to go to Lima, Ohio with Alex. Ever heard of it? NO? Well, lucky you. I was trying to figure out how to describe it and all I could come up with "was pretty gray and industrial looking," or "THE THIRD LEVEL OF HELL." One of those probably paints a pretty good, grayscale picture for you. Seriously, poor Alex who has to travel there for half of his life. I feel blessed to be home. Really-I'm not just saying that. It was not the funnest trip of my life, and I think Lima tried to kill my mom. She's got the swine now. Thanks a lot, Ohio. (ps, my mom doesn't have the swine. She's just sick.)
But really, the point of my post is Halloween. I know I'm about a week late on this, but that's all I've got. I was pretty proud of the family this year, we made our costumes. That's right, this girl sews. Who knew? We were a theme family-Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Tiger Lily. Tessa really wanted to be Tinkerbell, so I was all, "whatevs, she's kind of trashy, but I guess that's ok. You're only young once." So I made her costume. I have a bunch of pictures, but only half of them were loaded onto our computer tonight, so I'm only giving the good points.

This is our family at my company's party. Tessa wouldn't stand up because she desperately needed Alex to hold her EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY. She missed him. And yes, Alex's legs are better looking than mine. I'm over it.

And we planned a party for Alex's friends, which rocked. Except for everyone sucks at Horror Movie Trivia. Sorry-I had to say it. When I did the trivia with my family, they rocked at it...

I got a bunch of pictures of the party, but I didn't want to wait for them to upload, so this is all you get:

These are most of the friends. And here is what they are (from left to right): Mike and Alysha as Popeye and Olive Oyl, Steve as Dexter, TJ and Rachel as a figure skater and a hockey player, Andy as the robot from Flight of the Conchords, Brock as Spock, Rebecca as Batgirl, Wes is a bear, Adam is himself, John is a chicken plus something, and our family...

All that we are missing is Jake and Heather and Emmett-they had already left. But they dressed up too. Jake was a Bears Superfan, Heather a viking, and Emmett was Batman (so cute!) I was really proud of all the friends, because usually they try to ruin my parties (actually, only John. He ruined my 22nd birthday. And I will not forget it.) But this time, everyone dressed up and participated, and they were all fun! (Not that they aren't usually fun, this time they were fun plus costumes.)And this is how Tessa laid on the couch for most of the night. Emmett and Wesley were there, so I think she was trying to seduce them. Sexy poses for my trashy little Tinkerbell. (Obviously I do not think my child is trashy. But she is sexy, right?)

On Halloween night, we went to both the grandparents house and did the trick or treating thing. I did get pictures but I am not sharing them with everyone, just because I'm lazy and don't want to get my camera out of my purse.

So, until next time. It's Tessa's birthday in 2 days, so I'll probably post about that in 2 weeks. I'm running behind on life!

I blame OHIO...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Zoo. (I'm saying this with a foreboding tone...get ready.)

Ces and I took the children to the zoo-which was awesome, as always. If you haven't heard, there's a new baby elephant and it is adorable! Seriously, where can I get me one of them right? Anyway, we bought tickets to the train and the carousel, but we were jipped on the train. For reals, do they purposely hide all the animals, or do they really not have any on the train route? Good questions. Discuss amongst yourselves while I upload some pictures.
Tessa, Sebby, and me on the train. Sebastian has no idea what's about to hit him. (Don't worry Sebs, nothing's coming.)
Who doesn't love bronze statues of animals? I know I do! The kiddos on lions. Obvi.
We hit up the carousel after having some sketchy chicken at The Bistro (not to be confused with The Beastro, which is a common mistake.) Ces snuck in the picture. She loves her some carousel-ing.Stone was not happy to leave the carousel, even though we rode it twice. We got some free tickets from some lady who had brought her 17 year old son. She told us he was too depressed to ride on it, and we were like, "well yeah, he's 17 and his mom just bought him some carousel tickets at the zoo-then told complete strangers with toddlers he wouldn't ride on it. I'd be depressed too." But I really wanted to show how desperately Stone wanted back on that thing. He's crying and we are leaving him. He didn't even care.Everyone loves to measure up, but I do it in a more fierce way. A little pop of the hip and it's like Vogue meets Gorillas.This bronze gorilla is always good fun. Sebastian hated it!Tessa was ok with it.And I loved it so much I curled right up in it's lap. (There were two guys that were taking pictures like this before us, so we thought 'Hey, us too!')
Anyway, that was our zoo day in a nutshell. I'm pretty sure we saw some animals and met a crazy little 5 year old in between the picture moments.

Simpable Things

So the millionth annual Simpable Things was held last week-and it was K-RAZY! (That's way more crazy than if you spell it with the C). We had awesome costumes/uniforms, complete with liquid leggings. Everyone looked fierce in them-eat that Lauren Conrad! Anyway, it was way fun, as always. And no one had a melt down this time, which was nice. (Last time it was me who had the meltdown, so I know how vast the improvement was.) Here are the picto-files:
The girlies in their costumes. So hot. And yes, Ces is resting her arm on Missy's head. Those Hymas's are little.
The Madsen girls in their boots. Pulling. Them. Off.
Tessa and I. She didn't get a costume on account of her only being 2. Maybe next year!
Tessa and her new bestie Maycie Jean. They loved each other. I was really glad these two liked each other this time, because last time Maycie was a little scared of Tessa. But with good reason. Sometimes I'm scared of her!

Yes. This is my boo. And those are my boots. Alex managed to fit into the costumes that we had. AND his legs look way skinnier than mine! Jealous much?

Anyway-that's all I've got for this post. Stay tuned, there's more to come. I've gots lots.