Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To my boo. Alex's birthday was today...did you think I was talking about a different boo that I have? Silly you. I love Alex-obviously. I married the kid. So just a shout out on his birthday is nice...I can't believe how old he is...this is our conversation this morning:
Chelsea: "Happy Birthday Boo!"
Alex: "Thanks!"
Chelsea: "How old are you now?"
Alex: "I'm 27!"
Chelsea: "Disgusting."

So as you can tell, I love this kid and his old age. Pretty soon I'm going to have to tell people I'm married to a 30 year old. Gross. I think when I'm 27 the world will run solely on hugs as their currency. And there will be flying cars. But anyway, here's 2 pictures that I think show Alex in all his 27 year old glory...
This is Alex just being a good dad. Kids like water-and he knows what kids like.

And this is actually Alex at 25, but it's such a great picture. You can tell he's thinking about when he'll be 27. It looks beautiful. I can't not laugh when I see these...I'm sorry!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Boo!!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Alex! I'd say he's getting so old, but then that would make me old too, so I can not. Hope you guys had a fun day, or at least not a crappy one. Thanks for your comment. I liked the "I'll text you all about it" part. So funny!

Beth said...

You make me laugh! I love your posts - seriously! Oh, and Happy Birthday Alex :)