Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 5-The Parents

Dearest and Darlingest Momsie and Popsicle....

These are my parents-Ted and Linda Madsen. I hate when people say they have the best parents ever...because they are liars. Unless you are one of my siblings-don't we have the best parents ever? I seriously love them.

We used to tell people that my dad was in the mob...and it was believable. Especially because one day he came home from work and pulled out a bunch of rubber gloves from his pockets...without saying anything. Turns out he just stole them from the dentist's office, but it was funny. My dad is hilarious-he's especially funny when he isn't trying to be funny. Pretty much every time he calls me, our conversations go like this:
Me: Hello?
Dad: Chelsea.
Me: Hey dad.
Dad: It's your dad, Ted.
He makes sure to tell me it's him, just in case my other dad is calling.
And my mom. This was when I asked her to try on a swimsuit for me...pulling it off. My mom is the best. She is super fun and funny and just amazing in general. I'm glad that I got a cool mom and not a regular mom. I can't even put into words how much I love my mom. She is the smartest person I know, and I know a lot of people. All of my siblings have been able to live with my parents while they've been married, and every one of them has bragged about how awesome it was. I keep trying to convince Alex to sell our house just so we can hang out with my parents all the time. I might win...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


So this is a day late-but Happy Birthday Sophie Kate! My niece Sophie turned 7 yesterday. Can you believe she is 7 already? OMG I can't. This lil gal is so funny-have you guys met her? Seriously, Cole and Ashlii have some funny girls-I'm sure I've blogged about Sophie in the past, so refer to previous posts. But you can see how A-dorable she is...and for reals, Tessa loves her. She talks about her all the time! So Happy Birthday Sophie!!! We Love You!!!

Day 3 and 4

So I didn't blog yesterday-I was busy cookin. So day 3 was pet peeves. I'm generally not annoyed at anything...ha. That doesn't sound like me... one of my pet peeves is when people clip their nails in public. Like at work or church. Gross. I hate sitting at my desk at work and hearing that little clip clip clip...then its funny because my bro-in-law Devon hates it too, and he sits right next to me, so we sit and talk about how disgusting it is. Ugh. Gross. Save it for home people. Second, I hate when boys have long nails...especially Alex. It creeps me out. That's all I can think of, so maybe I don't have that many. Weird.

Day 4-Blog Name. Um, my blog name is my family. So yeah....nothing funny about that.

Friday, February 25, 2011

DAY 2-Fave Movies

Oh boy, have you opened a can of worms on this family loves movies...seriously, loves. Our favorite past time is getting those 501 Must See Movies books and quizzing each other to see how many movies we can guess out of it. It's a-mazing. I actually suck at it, because of my love for Martin Lawrence-isn't it crazy that none of the Big Momma's House's are in those books?! And really, did you guys see Blue Streak? Classic Martin. Oh, and what about Martin!!! I know it's not a movie, but if I could get the series on DVD I would freak the freak out. Anyway, here are my favorite movies. I dwindled them down to these select few... 1: Just Friends, starring Ryan Reynolds and those other people... I love me that Ryan Reynolds. AND I love Anna Faris. Especially in this movie. I watch it once a month, just because I love everything that they say in it. I mean everything. I find that I quote it often. I met someone named Clark a few years ago (we're still friends, so if you are reading this...) and I almost died I was so excited to say "Your name's are Clark and Darla?" Except his wife isn't name Darla. Ruined my life.
2: A Nightmare on Elm Street-see my previous post. I love scary movies. And Johnny Depp is in it. Spoiler: he dies.
3: Monster Squad. Have you guys seen this? It's great. I watch it all two times I have babies...something about it calms me. And it is hilarious. Tessa also enjoys it. And I think my nephew does too-he loves a lot of scary things, on account of his mom makes him watch Cujo so they don't have to buy a dog. You know who you are...Cecily. But if you guys wanna see a 4 year old rock a zombie impression, head over to Stone's house. He has slo-mo down to a science.
4: Heavyweights. Ben Stiller at his finest. Seriously, it's his best performance. And who doesn't love fat kids? If you don't, you are un-American.
5: GalaxyQuest. Tim Allen has a direct line to my funny bone. He just gets me.

6: Billy Elliot. Am I embarrassed that this is the only serious movie in my list? No. Because this movie is so great, it beats out all other serious movies. I can't even talk about it without crying. Ask my sister...we had a very awkward car ride the day after I saw it...I cried the whole time almost. I can't even write about it now, because I'm tearing up. I just love it so much. At the end when his family comes to support him?...It's great. Watch it.

That's it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback...

...Cuz I've been here for years. Seriously, someone is blogging!!! So my sister started doing this today. And she's funny, so you can look at it. Plus her blog's not private because she loves sharing her life with all the weirdo's and pervies out there. So I'm gonna do it too, because apparently it's the new thing to do. I thought it was swinging, so I'm glad I was wrong...

day 1: recent picture of yourself and 5 interesting facts about you
day 2: your favorite movie

day 3: pet peeves

day 4: meaning behind your blog name

day 5: your parents

day 6: your celebrity crush

day 7: an animal you'd love to keep a
s a pet

day 8: a hobby of yours

day 9: a place you love

day 10: a person you love

day 11: favorite tv shows

day 12: photo of you taken ten years ago

day 13: something you're afraid of

day 14: your makeup bag

day 15: your family

day 16: something you're looking forward to

day 17: favorite book

day 18: what makes you different from everyone else

day 19: something you bought recently
day 20: favorite song

day 21: your friends

day 22: a place you've traveled to

day 23: favorite recipe

day 24: favorite photo

day 25: plans/dreams/goals you have

day 26: a habit you wish you didn't have

day 27: a picture of you last year and a picture of you now

day 28: something that stresses you out

day 29: put your ipod on shuffle, what are the first ten songs

day 30: photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

So here is a recent picture-it's seriously from a few months ago, but I realize that we have no pictures of me...they are all of Tessa or Sully.
5 interesting facts about me:
1: I know a lot about X-Men. It's weird, because I'm not a total nerd and I'm kind of pretty...but I have something in my brain that has retained information about all of their powers and stuff. And I've never read a single comic...or watched any of the cartoons. I've totes seen the movies though. I love that Sir Ian McKellan.
2: I love music. I can't go a day without crying while listening to music. That sounds super lame, but I seriously just love it. It makes my blood hurt it's so great. I love singing and I'm pretty positive I could be on American Idol if I had familial support....
3: Alex can't think of anything interesting about me, which I find interesting. Someone married me for my money...
4: My favorite movies of all time are scary/horror movies. Seriously, whenever Alex wants to go on a date I ask to go see whichever scary movie is out. Our last anniversary he wanted to go to a RomCom (gay) and I chose A Haunting in Connecticut (which wasn't that great). Talk about getting into the romantic mood. Our next anniversary is going to rock because Scream 4 should be released around then. I once spent an entire summer just watching Friday the 13th movies.
5: I can't give blood because I feel like they are sucking my life out. I can actually feel the life being drained into that little tube. That's the only thing that I seriously loathe about being pregnant, is that they have to draw your blood for some tests. It sucks.
6: Alex just came up with his fact: I'm the only one that can work a DVR in our house. That's the love of my life for you...
But for reals-you push 'DVR'. That's about it...

Until tomorrow!

And we thought it was Elmo....

So turns out, Sullivan doesn't have a love for Sesame Street, like I mentioned in my previous post. It's Top Chef that he loves...

He sat for the whole hour. Or 45 minutes, because we fast forward the commercials. He's rooting for Jersey Mike, which is weird since I'm rooting for Richard Blaze. I mean, fried mayonnaise you guys? Genius.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here you are welcome.

Hey everyone. So I totally made my blog private and then stopped blogging. Turns out Alex really did load all of those picture on our computer, just under some different folder. So I could have blogged the crap out of the last few weeks...but I didn't. Anyway, there are lots of updates today my told through the next few pictures.
Back story: Alex is the boss of lots of people. I mean lots...he's super important. That's what he's been telling me anyway. So one of his employees was in Utah a few weeks ago and they went to a BYU game. I was so mad that I couldn't go...ha. Funny if that were real, right? Can't you imagine me loving B-ball? I know I can't. Anyway, Tessa was invited, so I figured I'd dress her in all blue on account of her love for fashion...not basketball.
She's been into some super fierce posing lately. She is in the running for America's Next Top Model.

Then, Tessa finally started dance! She's been begging me forever to find her a dance class. Seriously, everyday she would ask me (except for the day she wanted to do karate. That was weird.). So I finally found a little class by our house. She loves it. She has no idea what any of the dance is that she's been learning, but she knows she gets to wear that's exciting.
Again with the fierce-ness. She's so funny! That tiger is in there for effect. It's like a parallel to her ferocity.
This is her ballerina pose. Too bad they don't do any ballet in her class...

So Sullivan wasn't feeling well the other morning and he just wanted to be held, which was cool because I had some television that wasn't going to watch itself! So I sat down to watch Top Chef...Well apparently Sully is a little fan as well! He sat upright and really got into it the whole time...or at least for the whole quickfire challenge.
This was when Alex interrupted him while he was getting his Dale on...ugh, he looks good.
Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Telly were the guest judges. Seriously, he was in awe of those puppets. As soon as they were gone, he got right back to crying. So don't you worry.

So back to him being sick-he was really sick so I called the doctor and they had me bring him in. It was awesome. I don't know how your doctor's are, but mine totes sent us home with a gift..
Yup. Sullivan has RSV. So's like butterflies are living in his chest cavity...he sounds like death and looks like an angel. If angels were covered in snot. And medicine. Poor thing. But he does love that nebulizer.
This is a crappy picture, but it was just to show the long tubing thing that goes with it. Plus we got 4 boxes of little medicine tubes. It's crazy! As we were doing this breathing thing, Alex was making dinner. So everyone was you want to know where Tessa was?
If you were going to say raiding her closet, then you'd be right.
She was so proud of herself. Hannah Montana jacket, dress with a unicorn on it, butterfly tights, and pink cowboy boots. If you are wondering where you could nab yourself one of these outfits, you are outta luck. It's all vintage. JK. Most of it's from H&M. She's starting a style blog soon.
I don't even know. This is how she posed.
And that's it. Stay classy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who's excited?

About my privatized blog? I am. So excited that I was going to do a major post with all these pictures and funny things and all that. Well, I can't find where Alex saved all the pictures that I had him take off of our camera- he swears he did it....
So until next time.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rubie Grace

Hey all-I'm still going private, but I thought I'd wait until next week to pick up any straggling emails from people who want in on the delightfulness of my blog. Until then, here's a lil something for a lil someone.

Ugh-can you believe this little girl is 3 today? I can't. Tessa still describes her as one of the babies...not true. She's like a child now. If you haven't met Rubie, you haven't lived. She's a fun one...there are things that she says that I'll think about months later and still laugh about. You should meet her...she won't disappoint...if she decides you are worthy of talking too...