Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh my...

Mike. Since you were a upset about me not posting anything about you in Park City, here you go:

This is Mike, with a full rack of ribs. I bet you miss that, don't you Mike?

(For those who feel out of the loop-Mike has decided he doesn't eat meat anymore. I know. I don't get it either.)
Boom. Roasted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time Out

This past Saturday was my nephew's baptism, so the whole fam was there to support. But that's not what this post is about. (I'm very proud of Carter, but he knows that.) Now, to the point... My brother Coleman has two little girls and if you know them, you know they are hilarious. Both of them are-which is hard to find with siblings. (I should know, we only have one funny one in our family. Not including Cameron.) Anyway, when Sophie was little, she would put herself in time out, and it was the funniest thing to see. She would go put her nose against a wall and wait until Ashlii told her she was done, then she'd go on to doing whatever it was she was doing before. Welp, now Rubie does the same thing. And it is hilarious. She got put in time out at my brother's house after the baptism, and she was pissed. So I took pictures of her. She wouldn't even look at me. I think she secretly blamed me, because she was put in time out for hitting Tessa. She was mad that I was Tessa's mom. I know it. I'm sorry Rubie, but what could I do?

This was before she realized I was taking pictures of her. As soon as I bent down to get closer, she turned it off. Or on. Maybe she was trying to give me the smoldering look.

This is the moment of realization. She was pissed. The funny thing is, for about a minute I kept saying, "Rubie, Rubie, Rubie, Rubie, Rubie..." just to get her to look at me. She was deliberately ignoring me. So adorable.

And this is the family. We sure do clean up well, right? Right on. Go Madsens! (and Tonks, Smiths, and Osbornes.)

Park City

We went up to Park City this weekend with Alex's friends-really there isn't anything too exciting, except this...
Look closely. They were all dressed the same. Cowboy-esque, right? It was A-dorable!! And I told them I was running low on things to blog about, so they decided to help me out and take a picture together. Gotta love it.
And Tessa got to ride on this mini-carousel they had at the outlets. I would've gotten a picture of Emmett too, but he started crying before I could get my camera turned on. It was the cutest little face though-I really wanted to capture his pain. Maybe next time!!

Hey-Ease up on the Corduroy Dress You're Wearing

I'm sorry Cailey. I had to do it. This is my lil sis Cailey. She's seven months pregnant-and don't you forget it. I know I can't.
We made fun of her for a whole day because this dress was so tight. (Really she's only like 130 pounds, but it's fun to be fun. We just really want her to develop some type of eating disorder after she delivers the baby. At least that's the hope.)

And, have you ever seen baby bangs like this?...
It's like they are taking over her head. She's cool with it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl Trip

This past weekend the girls got to go on a trip. I bet you didn't know it from my blog title right? We went with the Duncans, who are our besties pretty much. It was way fun! The trip started off a little rocky, what with my mom's car dying, us having to rent a mini van, and the holy ghost being all, "no way girls." But, it was way fun! It's always fun to get away with the girls minus children. We ate good food and did a lot of shopping-everyone got cute tights....more to come on that. But anyway, here is the proof of all of our fun:
Eating breakfast at 25 Main-it was a cute little diner/cafe thing, and there were soooo many scenesters there. (A lot of skinny jeans and suspenders) It was really yummy. Plus, there were these birds in a cage in the front, and one kept getting out and flying around, so there was not only good food, but an element of fear.

There were also really good cupcakes, that I had to feed to my sisters. Good times.The only other pictures I got were of us jumping. They are the best. This is Ashlii, testing if the jumping picture was going to work. It did.We were jumping because we all got cute new tights. Except Cessy, she was just posing. And Cailey's pregnant, so it's hard for her to get too much air.And this is Ces at Ihop. If you look really close, you can see she's strung her hair under her arm. She has really long hair. She did this for a while. It was funny.

Anywho, that's all I got. Until next time!