Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Park City

We went up to Park City this weekend with Alex's friends-really there isn't anything too exciting, except this...
Look closely. They were all dressed the same. Cowboy-esque, right? It was A-dorable!! And I told them I was running low on things to blog about, so they decided to help me out and take a picture together. Gotta love it.
And Tessa got to ride on this mini-carousel they had at the outlets. I would've gotten a picture of Emmett too, but he started crying before I could get my camera turned on. It was the cutest little face though-I really wanted to capture his pain. Maybe next time!!


Whitney said...

Gosh i miss you guys! Cant wait to come up SOON!!!!!!!! Tell Tessa i love her, adn Emma loves her too

Mikey said...

Um.... Where am I? I'm so offended!