Monday, May 16, 2011

Myrtle Beach 2011

Let me just start out by saying this is quite a task to take on at 11:30 at night. I told Alex I needed to run on the treadmill, but instead I'm doing this. Silly Alex...JK. I already ran a whole mile, so I'm good for the week. Anyway, this year the Madsen family went back to Myrtle Beach aka Murder Beach aka Heaven. It did not disappoint. Last year I was 12 months pregnant, so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I could have. And I realize now that it is way better when you are only semi fat instead of super fat. And when you can fit shoes on your feet. I can't even sort through all the pictures we have, but I'm gonna try since I know most of you have been all, "I miss Chelsea-where has she been?" Travelin, that's where. So here you are...
There were many events that we got to experience this year-the first day we were there was Easter, so we decided to go to church.
Our little family in our Easter blacks. It's totally the new pastel. And yes, every person in my family commented on how unspringy we all looked. But there was an emergency-I look really good in black. And this was the cutest picture I could get of Sully's face...he's usually much more attractive. When we got to the church, we were informed that it had been Stake Conference. I don't have a copy of the picture of all of us overjoyed that we didn't have to actually sit through sacrament with all the kids. It's a good one though.

It was also the first time ever that Sully has swam. He absolutely loved it. He was amazing-he loved the pool, he loved the ocean, he loves baths-anything with water really.

See the joy?

Again with the faces.

He's so cute when he's in the nude. Most babies are. (I know he technically has on a swimsuit, but his upper portion is nude, so...)
Tessa also loved swimming and apparently knows how to now. Seriously, one day she couldn't swim, and now she can. And I didn't teach her, so I'm thinking it is because she's a genius. That's probably the only explanation. But of course I have no pictures to prove it.

Except for this-which was prior to her learning to swim. Sophie was going for a Sports Illustrated pose. She nailed it.
We also got to be there for my birthday. And of course Alex took pretty much no pictures of that. Apparently me aging is no big deal. We hung out with my family for the most part, but then we went to this cute little place called Broadway at the Boardwalk (I think?). It has a ton of restaurants and shops and movie theaters, so we went to eat and then walked around whilst being blown about by a hurricane.

Feeding the fish. I know you may think my hair naturally looks this amazing, but it doesn't. I hadn't washed it for three days and it was windy. That's my picture of the day I became 26 years old.
We spent most of our time by the pool/ocean, and the boys golfed twice, so if you want to see a million pictures of me in a swimsuit, then I could post them. But you'd be grossed out. Or amazed, on account of I was brave enough to wear a two piece. I'm still pissed no one told me I looked ridiculous.
Every family trip we take family pictures because it seems like there's always a new addition to our family what with all the love making that goes on. My mom always gives us matching PJs, so we take pictures in those, and then we take more dressed up pictures. I don't have any of the ones in the PJs, which is too bad, because they were dang cute. So here are the others...

My cute family. We made a book of pictures for my mom and dad to say thank you (and by we, I mean Cessy-the rest of us just provided some pictures) but on one of the pages she wrote "thank you for making pretty offspring, so we could marry pretty people and make pretty children, because these pictures would suck if they were of ugly people." All I can say to you readers is you're welcome for having an attractive family...jealous much?

Holy crap don't you love him? I do. Even if he's bald...

Classic Tessa. No one told her to pose, this just happened, just like it always does. At soccer the other day as Tessa was applying some lip gloss, someone asked who brought the beauty queen-that would be me.

I rarely say nice things about Alex, but I'm so glad he's not ugly. That would make this so awkward. And that's Sully's Magnum look.

My siblings and parents. Oldest to youngest-ish-Cam, Cole, mom and dad, Cecily (Scarlett), Me, Cailey. We nailed this picture.

This cute picture. It's cute. It was nice this year because Tessa didn't have to wear sunglasses in every picture. If you don't know what I mean, it's too long to explain. Last year she had to wear glasses all the time because she has some disease in her eyes. I guess it was a short story.

Best buddies. It'll be a shame the day we have to tell them that they are related and can't actually get married. Tessa will freak. He may be trying to strangle was a long week.

My mom loves candid shots because they always turn out so cute. This one did!

Anyway, those are the pictures that I felt like uploading, but there are seriously about 500 more. It was such a fun trip and I love my family so much-they are pretty awesome. I'm sure you know.
The end.