Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are You Ready...

... for a super long post? If you aren't ready, stop reading, because a storm's comin. I jest. It's not a storm really. This weekend Alex and I went to St. George with all of his friends. There were like a million people there, minus a lot. So like 25. But it was a blast! I took a total of 250 pictures in the short 4 days we were there, but I'm not going to post all of them. That would be too fun...or not fun, whichever. So we'll start from the beginning. First of all, Alex and I drove down on Friday after he worked a little. Traffic rocked. Seriously, we got there in record time. I had made a road trip mix on my iPod because some of the guys were going to drive down with us, but then they didn't, so I just played it for Alex. And I think I nailed it. But that's for a different post. Which I'll probably never do. But I digress. Tessa on the drive. She's the best to travel with because she just sits in the back and talks to herself, or watches movies. But never sleeps. It's creepy. And if you're wondering if that's a bowl of ham fried rice she's eating, it is. We love Chin Wah.

The first morning, Andy made everyone crepes. They were da bomb. Yeah, I know what I said.
This is Andy. He's a chef. And that's everyone eagerly awaiting their breakfast, since we had to wait for Andy to wake up to eat. And he's a late sleeper. We. were. starving.

Jake and his crepe. He was uber excited...as well he should be, they were delish.

Me and Emma. I've only actually been in the presence of this little gal twice, but she loves me and I love her. Well, I love her. I'm not sure how she feels about me. She liked me when I took her outside.

Nextly, we headed out to let the babies hang in the inflatable pool. Babies love pools.

Tessa, Emma, and Emmett. I'm not sure where Wes was. I never did get a picture with all of them actually in the pool, but I don't think they ever did. Emma really loved the hose. And Emmett loved everything else. Like being dry.

That's just a frog. And Heather's arm. Together.

Then, if that swimming wasn't enough, we headed over to Green Valley to swim some more. And do other awesome stuff. Like beat Mike at horse. That actually didn't happen this time, but it probably would have if we hadn't stopped playing. Or if someone had actually been able to make a basket or two.

At the kiddie pool. From the left: Kelly, Emma, Whitney, Alex, and Tessa. And random kid, down at the bottom. Kelly and Whitney (and Emma) live in California (or as I call it, Lamesville) and they drove on up to hang out with us. Particulary me, since Whitney's totally my bestie. Yeah, I went there. We text hug. This is Wes, and this was his first time swimming. He was indifferent. I kid, he loved it. I caught him in a moment of concentration.Tessa let me throw her tube over her head, and so when I finally made it, she fived me. We love swimming!
Tessa must have been looking at another camera.Tessa making out with Wes. Or choking him.Playing volleyball. Or not...I'm not sure what's going on here.Kelly's jump serve.

That' Alex. Remind anyone of Top Gun?Alex took Tessa on a walk by the Virgin River, and she loved it. This is one of about 30 pictures he took of her on the walk. They caught a lizard, but then realized it was dead. I'm sorry I missed it...

One of the nights we got Pizza Factory Pizza and I made cupcakes for everyone. Well, if you were wondering how many cupcakes Heather fit in her mouth and eat at once...

It's 3.

We also discovered something amazing on the trip, thanks to Kelly and Whitney. Lovingly known as Prison Uno, this game lead to the most beautiful night of most of our lives...

Kelly and Alex had a moment while shuffling. I don't even remember what happened. But I loved it. And so did Alex, obviously.

Tessa loves Steve. It's almost sad, because I think she'd rather hang out with him then me. Sad for him, try. (I love Tessa.)We were into it. I was probably trying to look at someone's cards, because that's how I roll. And everyone found out, so no one wanted to sit by me. But I'm fine with it.

At about 1 in the morning, we decided it had to be our last game. So Steve said, "If this is our last game, whoever ends with the most cards has to do something." So we decided they had to shove a bunch of gummy worms in their mouth and try to eat them. So on we played.

And Adam lost.

VIDEO FOOTAGE!!!!! Those sounds you hear in the background are Rebecca dry heaving. It was seriously gross. So I thought I'd share.

Little did we know, that Steve's suggestion about the last game of Prison Uno would lead to a whirlwind night of magic and wonder...I called it Food Challenge. I don't know what happened. It was like we were in high school again (not for me though, I never did this in high school.) It was disgusting and awesomely funny. So Steve, if you're reading this, you've changed our lives. And Mike, if you're reading this, pass that on to Steve, because I'm pretty sure he's not reading this blog...but you are.

I'm not sure if this is before or after they tried to eat these...I think it was before, since they don't look disgusted and the worms aren't slimy with their stomach juices.

Eating Marshmallows. I totally lost.

Steve ate a spoonful of Saigon Cinnamon.

And it made him sad.

Steve also ate about 30 gumballs. It was gross. He won almost every challenge.

Welp, those were really the main highlights of the trip-except for the three times we went to Cafe Rio, since they don't have it in California and Whitney needed some. It was way fun, and I got so many pictures that if I posted them all it would take forever. There were a lot of cute ones of the babies, but I figure I'll email those to their corresponding mom's and they can blog them, right? So Whitney, Heather, and Rebecca, get ready! Also, I got a bunch of awesome pictures of Mike...you know who you are. And let this be a warning...an awesome blog is coming. It's coming fast. And when you read it, your mind will be freaked.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hey. So normally I don't really blog about books or movies or anything like that. I don't frown upon it, I just don't take time to let people know what I'm excited about or anything. Like did you know I was super jazzed about the new X-Men: Origins movie? Well, I was. And it was alright. But normally I don't feel the need to let people know my feelings. Until today. So last year my little sister let me borrow sTORItelling, by Tori Spelling. I finished it in about a day and a half. It was really that good. So when I found out her new book, Mommywood, would be released, I called Alex and begged him to get it for me. Well he's a pretty good listener. I received this book for Mother's Day, and I just finished it today. It. Is. Awesome. I recommend it, especially if you're a mom. If not, still read it, because she's pretty funny. I need to become famous so I can befriend her. I'm working on it...
Also, I blogged about this because I didn't really have anything else to write about, and it's been almost 2 weeks. People must miss me!