Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Is All Around Us (sung to the tune of Christmas Is All Around Us, from Love Actually)

So obviously it was Thanksgiving. Except for you Canadians out there. We went with my family down to St. George, which is always fun-for some reason I didn't get any pictures of the actual Thanksgiving day. I mean, there were a lot of Thanks being given (and taken) but no pictures of the actual act itself. Here are some precious gems that I got though...
KARAOKE...My favorite Japanese past time. Tessa loves Karaoke also.Cessy does not. Just kidding, she was just waiting for Stone to calm down from a time out. No big thing.

This picture could take a while to explain. We were watching Forrest Gump, and you know that part where Forrest is in Vietnam, and they are under attack, and he keeps picking up people and running them to the beach to save their lives? Well, my mom wondered if people really could do that, and Coleman said he could. I didn't get a picture of him picking up my mom, but he did that with no effort at all....picking up my brother Cam, however, took some effort. He actually had to take a bunch of pain medication that night because he hurt his back. It makes for a great story though.
We decided to brave Wal Mart on Black Friday. Tessa loved it.
Tessa and Stone love Sophie. And Hairspray. (Hairspray is what Stone is staring at.)
We also braved the Christmas Show. Some of us didn't quite make it...

On Saturday, we had a big Christmas party with my dad's side of the family. It's always fun to see those guys and their cute kids. Seriously, they rival Tessa in cute-ness. I decided to dress Tessa in her tutu she got for her birthday from Cessy...Alex loved it.
Alex didn't really love it. He hates beauty...which is weird, because he loves me so much. That's right, I said it.
She's thinking, "Cessy, you so crazy!"
My grandpa tries to hustle Alex everytime we're down there...He finally gave him his dollar back that he took two years ago.

Santa came to the party, but my mom had managed to get most of the kids asleep just with the soothing sounds of her voice. So, it was interesting trying to get them to wake up to sit on Santa's lap. And when they did wake up, it was awesome.
Tessa and Stone-sleeping. Tessa wouldn't even look at Santa. She was pretty stoked that he gave her a present though.
She loved opening it. Little did my mom know, she had gotten it two years ago, at the exact same Christmas party. It's cool.
Oh-this is my cousin Jaxon. He's my favorite cousin. Sorry Janessa.

It was also Alex's birthday while we were down there, and luckily a lot of his family was there for Jordy's soccer tournament-which he won. Hoot hoot. So we got to spend time with his family while we were there too-we just went to dinner and then went back to their condo and he got to open his presents. It was really fun!
I capped the trip off by playing the Wii with Cessy. We eventually let Carter play with us too, but it took some convincing on his part.
Tessa capped off her night with a little makeover...
Finally-Alex has a rule that we can't put up any Christmas decor before his birthday, which is lamesville because his birthday is on Nov 29th, so I only get to enjoy my Christmas decorations for 3 weeks. But you better believe we put up our tree as soon as we got home from St. George.
Tessa finally got to help decorate the tree. She actually just stood by it and pretended to do stuff so I could take some pictures, then she went back to watching Shrek.
Too bad I forgot a box of decorations at my mom's house, so there are no other decorations and no star on my tree. Silly Chelsea.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally Something to Blog About

So I've been waiting for something fun to blog about, and finally it arrived. First, Tessa wore a cute headband the other day and we took a picture. It was cute...

Second, we celebrated my dad and Alex's birthday on Friday. It was pretty adorable. My dad got a karaoke machine to take down to the St. George Hacienda (that's what we call the St. George condo) and he got a pretty sweet Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre T-shirt. He was stoked. Here are some pictures...

They're holding hands.

My dad looks super excited. He gets bored when it's not his turn.

Snoop Dogg
And Tessa loves Sebey.

Alex got a bunch of good stuff, but the best present he got (sorry to those of you who aren't Cessy) was from Cessy-she made him this cute video with all the footage she had of Tessa dancing-which was an alarming amount. As we were watching it, Tessa decided it was the perfect time to start dancing some more.

She was excited.

And...Ashlii had never tried to put a 9 volt battery on her tongue.

Peer pressure gets to her.

Then, it was the Ute/Cougar football game, so we went to Adam's house and watched it. Everyone wore their team colors or paraphernalia-which was all Ute stuff. It was pretty fun-these are the only pictures I got-thank you goes to Jake for the hat.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

She should be an email...

So has anyone ever gotten that email that has all of the pictures of the little kids that have fallen asleep in weird positions-like there's a little girl who falls asleep with her head on a bookshelf, and she's standing up? Or there's a little kid that falls asleep on the toilet? Well I get it about once a month, and it's really the darndest thing. Anyhow, this is what happened today. As we all know (or don't know, who really knows?) Tessa got a new bed for her birthday. Let me just say naptime is awesome. I mean awful. So today I fought with her for about an hour to get her to take a nap. Finally, I leave her in her bed, and tell her to stay there and close her eyes. 10 minutes later, she comes downstairs and tells me "I'm alright." Like, she's ok without a nap today. So I say, "Go lay on the couch and I'll get you some milk," and she laughs and says "OK!" because she's won. So I go get her milk and come back to find this...

That's right, she is completely asleep. She couldn't even climb up onto the couch before she was out. It was funny, and I'm going to try to find out how to get her picture submitted to whoever sends out that email of the little kids...

Also, here is her first night in her bed. Alex was excited about it too.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Boo

I LOVE TAGS!!!!!!!!!!!

What's your husband’s name? Alex Devon Osborne...but I call him Boo, Boo Bear, Bippity Boppity Boo...he loves it.

How long have you guys been married? 3 and 1/2 years. Ridiculously long.

How long did you date? 10 months until we got married. 10 wonderful months.

How old is he? 25 almost 26.

Who eats more sweets? Me. But I make him eat them with me so I don't feel guilty. But then I'll always take double because I don't want him to eat it all. I'm really cute like that.

Who is the better singer? Psh...I was almost an American Idol.

Who is smarter? Alex thinks he is. But he's not as smart as I am, so I know he's wrong. Boo ya.

Who does the laundry? Me and I don't want to talk about it. It's a sore subject.

Who pays the bills? He does because I'm the cause of most of them. Like the credit card. Women be shopping.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We switch, but it's usually me.

Who mows the lawn? Our gardener, Antonio. He's also our pool boy.

Who cooks dinner? Alex does actually. It's not that I can't cook, because I'm seriously a really good cook. I just don't cook that often. I like take out.

Who drives? Alex does. He loves it, he's always talking about how much he loves driving. Especially to Herriman. It's his favorite.

Who is the first to say they are wrong? Not me, I'm never wrong.

Who kissed who first? He leaned in first, but I swear if he hadn't, I would have. I just loved his face so much.

Who asked who out first? Zach and Cessy forced us to sit at the drive in awkwardly together while they snuggled in the car. It was the best awkward interaction I've ever had with anyone. Except that time I met Justin Long.

Who wears the pants? I wear pants a lot. Sometimes leggings. Alex is more of a shorts person. Just kidding, he does. I'll get beat if I say otherwise. (help me.)

I tag: Ashlii, Cailey, Cessy, Whit, Dana, Heather, and everyone else. But I know that these guys will for sure do it....maybe not Cessy, but everyone else will.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tessa Turns Two

It's Tessa's birthday today and if you didn't know from the title of this post, she is two. I can't believe I have a two year old! Anyhow, the day started off pretty good-Tessa woke up to Alex putting together her big girl bed, and she was so excited! Then we got all dressed in her birthday outfit and went to Wal Mart-who doesn't want to go there on their birthday? Then, we came home and she took the longes nap of her life! Seriously, it's like she doesn't know what day it is! When Alex got home from work, we went to Build a Bear, and Tessa was all for it for about 15 minutes, but they were the most adorable 15 minutes of her life. Then she kept punching her bear and telling me, "I don't want it." We got it anyway. Then, she wanted to go to Pei Wei for dinner (actually, I wanted to. But she can't really choose where we eat because she doesn't eat anyway!) Then we came home and her Grandma Mindy and Pa brought her some presents. It doesn't seem like a jam packed fun day, but it surely was. Now we get to see if it was really a good idea to get her a big girl bed, because at least the crib kept her confined to her room. I'm sure we'll be getting more visits from her in the middle of the night now that she can get in and out of her bed on her own! Here are some pictures-I didn't get any of her bed because we haven't quite finished redecorating her room yet. It's 90% done, so I'll post that when it is!
Tessa was so excited when she woke up to see her new big girl bed downstairs. She couldn't even believe her eyes.
This is how happy she was. And I don't know what happened in the night to make her hair like this.
Tessa's birthday outfit, courtesy of Gary and Dana and H&M. Seriously Dana, I got so many compliments on this sweatshirt today. It was ridiculous. You made my child popular.
Going to Wal Mart
Tessa opening her presents. She only had one toy like present, and she chose to open it first, so it was all down hill from there. It's hard to get a child excited about a new coat.

She was so mad we made her try it on.

And these are all of the Build a Bear pictures. She stuffed it and fluffed it with the best of them. And they let her ring the birthday bell, which was cute.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tessa's Birthday Party

So it is Tessa's actual birthday on Friday, the 7th, but half my family is going to be out of town, so we had her birthday party tonight. It was rock band themed, thanks to Alex's friend Steve. I have to say, I'm so proud of my family. They all dressed up, and it was so funny! And Tessa is finally to the age where she sort of understands presents and everything, so I got some pretty funny pictures of her opening them.

This is Tessa's Rock and Roll outfit. Yes, those are leg warmers. And Blondie T-Shirt.

Tessa and Rubie-I tattooed Tessa's face. I'm so rock and roll.

Alex's whole family dressed up, his mom even placed in the costume contest. You can't see it very well, but Trace has an earring. And Doug's wearing my make up and Leslie's jeans.

The family. Alex has on more eye make up than I do. Not really, I had on a lot.

Alex and Jordy playing guitar hero.

Rock Band

The Osborne Men

Tessa's excitement was this big for every present. Little did she know that in this one there were clothes.

Zach and Cessy gave her this tutu that Cessy made. That's right, she made it. That's my sister. Hey Oh!

And this is the video I caught of her opening her presents. She would take them out and then throw them on the ground. But she was really grateful. Stone loved it too.