Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tessa's Birthday Party

So it is Tessa's actual birthday on Friday, the 7th, but half my family is going to be out of town, so we had her birthday party tonight. It was rock band themed, thanks to Alex's friend Steve. I have to say, I'm so proud of my family. They all dressed up, and it was so funny! And Tessa is finally to the age where she sort of understands presents and everything, so I got some pretty funny pictures of her opening them.

This is Tessa's Rock and Roll outfit. Yes, those are leg warmers. And Blondie T-Shirt.

Tessa and Rubie-I tattooed Tessa's face. I'm so rock and roll.

Alex's whole family dressed up, his mom even placed in the costume contest. You can't see it very well, but Trace has an earring. And Doug's wearing my make up and Leslie's jeans.

The family. Alex has on more eye make up than I do. Not really, I had on a lot.

Alex and Jordy playing guitar hero.

Rock Band

The Osborne Men

Tessa's excitement was this big for every present. Little did she know that in this one there were clothes.

Zach and Cessy gave her this tutu that Cessy made. That's right, she made it. That's my sister. Hey Oh!

And this is the video I caught of her opening her presents. She would take them out and then throw them on the ground. But she was really grateful. Stone loved it too.


Lindsey said...

Oh cute!!! I wish I was as fun and creative as your family, you all are so awesome! I LOVE your pink pants, where did you get them?! I will text or call you today... lunch on Friday!?!

Missy Bryner said...

Sara is loving these pictures! She keeps saying "that's my shirt, that's my skirt!" She wants everything Tessa is wearing! Mindy looks awesome!!!!! Happy Birthday Tessa!

Lauren Ricci said...

Tessa is so dang cute! Such a fun little family that you have!

Heather Strong said...

We need to have another party so I can dress up. Well Jake, too. Can we celebrate HSM? Can I be Sharpay?