Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally Something to Blog About

So I've been waiting for something fun to blog about, and finally it arrived. First, Tessa wore a cute headband the other day and we took a picture. It was cute...

Second, we celebrated my dad and Alex's birthday on Friday. It was pretty adorable. My dad got a karaoke machine to take down to the St. George Hacienda (that's what we call the St. George condo) and he got a pretty sweet Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre T-shirt. He was stoked. Here are some pictures...

They're holding hands.

My dad looks super excited. He gets bored when it's not his turn.

Snoop Dogg
And Tessa loves Sebey.

Alex got a bunch of good stuff, but the best present he got (sorry to those of you who aren't Cessy) was from Cessy-she made him this cute video with all the footage she had of Tessa dancing-which was an alarming amount. As we were watching it, Tessa decided it was the perfect time to start dancing some more.

She was excited.

And...Ashlii had never tried to put a 9 volt battery on her tongue.

Peer pressure gets to her.

Then, it was the Ute/Cougar football game, so we went to Adam's house and watched it. Everyone wore their team colors or paraphernalia-which was all Ute stuff. It was pretty fun-these are the only pictures I got-thank you goes to Jake for the hat.


kerri said...

Oh Ashlii!!! She's a piece of work isn't she... I love her! What a darling picture of you and Tessa!

Lindsey said...

The headband IS super cute. That's tender your Dad and Alex held hands... so tender!! What a fun weekend!

zach and cecily said...

I love that little retard. And Tessa.

Nate and Britt said...

Hey Chelsea, its Brittany Hanson. I thought this was kinda random with the whole name thing...I have a friend who is friends with someone who has two kids...(not the random part) Her kids names are Tessa and Beckham. I just thought it was kinds funny..she must have good taste like you! By the way your Tessa is a doll! She is so cute! Glad you are doing well!