Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend of Wonder

So I realize that I'm a blogging fool lately, but here's another post to enjoy! This weekend was a fun one in the Osborne home. Just read on to find out why...

Friday-We went to the Circus, which is always a blast. We went with my sisters and their families, plus Kenzie and Carter (Cam's kids) and then the Fishers and the Cardons. I believe it was for Zach's birthday, but who really needs an excuse for the Circus?

We went to Este's to eat first-it's a super hip pizza place where you can't get regular pizzas. Pepperoni does not exist there...

Anywhoodle, Devy found out how to get his fork to magically attach to his watch. It's a magic.

Tessa enjoyed the circus when there were animals.

When there weren't animals, she laid on Alex and waited.

Devon got the kids some snow cones and cotton candy, which was really nice of him. The cotton candy was 12 dollars....and Tessa didn't even like it, she just fed it to him the whole time.

Stone Smith made out with a Snow Cone.

Tessa got a hat.

So that was Friday.


For my mom's birthday, my dad got her gift certificates to get facials-he got her four so that she could take me and my sisters with her. So that's what we did today-I didn't get any pictures of the facials, but I did get some pictures of the new outfits I'm going to be attempting to pull off for the fall...

Just isn't even Sunday yet. I wonder what other hijinks we can get into.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Simpable Things...

I stole this from my little sisters blog. She's the funny/pretty/outgoing one.

It's that time of the year again! Simpable Things is back and sooo good. Not only are there many accessories with pizazz, there will also be a feast of food exclusively from the Simpable Things cookbook (which will also be on sale.) Come one, come all and totally spend your hubby's money while he's at the Priesthood session of conference. He won't ever have to know. Yahtzee!
P.S. For those of you who may not know, "Simpable Things" is a lil bidness my mom and her bff +bff's daughter concocted a few 6 or 7 years ago. And every October and April they have their biggest party ever, with each year it just gets bigger and bigger! Seriously, it used to be just in our basement but my sweet mother has blinged out her whole main floor as well. To quote the Canadian series Degrassi, it so goes there... 100% intense!
P.S.S. If you're wondering where this word "Simpable" came from, well wonder no more. Because I'm going to tell you. My niece Mckenzie who was like 2 years old at the time (she was what you might call a "wunderkind" babe) would just go around singing with glee "the trees are so simpable, this chair is so simpable, everything is simpable lalala" and there you have it. Thank you Mckenzie for making everything so delightfully "simpable."
Anyway, now that you know the entire history of "Simpable Things" won't you please join us? The info is enclosed on both the pic above and below.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things other than Tessa's Sty

I was so caught up in the updates of Tessa's sty, that I forgot all of the other awesome things we've been doing. We sent to the Utah State Fair a while ago, and Tessa loved it. She would just walk up to the cow's and try to pet them. It was pretty funny.

There have been a lot of fun things we've done, but last night was pretty funny. We went to Gateway for a girl's dinner with Mindy's family-it was sort of a mini bridal shower for Leslie. Anyway, there was a guy that was singing with his guitar outside and Tessa loved him. She kept wanting to give him money, and she would walk the dollars over to his guitar case and then try to throw them in because she didn't want to get too close. He made about 5 dollars just on Tessa. She was his number 1 fan.

AND lastly, the other day I was getting ready and turned around to see Tessa lying super still on my bed. So I kept talking to her and I could see her laughing, and this is what she started to do. Enjoy...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update on the STY...

So we took Tessa to the eye doctor today to have him check her sty-if you are unaware of Tessa's eye problem, scroll down a bit, there's a giant picture. Anyway, we thought he was going to drain it, but no. He looked at it and said that it was a pretty big sty and we had two options. He said option one is to wait it out-apparently some can last for months. He said he would prescribe her a steroid cream to see if that would reduce the swelling, and hopefully it'll go away eventually. The other option is to take her to Primary Children's Hospital, and he can perform a surgery on her eye. She would have to be completely asleep, so they would have to put her under, and then they slice it open and scoop all the puss out. Then, she has a black eye for about 2 weeks, which is always fun. SO...we decided to get her the cream, and see what happens. The doctor said that if it hasn't gone away in six months then we should do the surgery. So we're waiting. And if anyone has a problem with how gross her sty is (sisters) take it up with Dr. Peterson. He's at the Rocky Mountain Eye Center. There is no way I'm letting her have a surgery. She's not even 2 yet!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tagged-sort of...

I think I was technically tagged-this stuff is all about my boo, Alex.
1- Where did you meet? At the drive in...we saw Harry Potter 3 and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. He brought his ex-girlfriend. It's cool though, I had a boyfriend. Until the next day.
2- How long did you date before you were married? 10 months
3- How long have you been married for? 3 years, 5 months, and 8 days.
4- What does he do that surprises you? Is this supposed to be a cute answer...or a truly surprising one. He says douche bag a's adorable.
5- What's your favorite feature about him? His man hands...just kidding. His toes...ha, seriously, have you seen them. They're disgusting. Probably his dimples.
6- What's your favorite quality about him? He's pretty sweet when you think about it....I say mean things about him sometimes, but he's really cute.
7- Does he have a nickname for you? What is it? He calls me babe. It's not original. I call him boo. I think that's more original than babe. He calls me Chels, but so does everyone.
8- What's his favorite color? Blue.
9- What's his favorite food? Mexican...or me. Ha.
10-What is his favorite sport? Soccer. I hate it.
11- Who said I love you first? He did and I said, "I know." Because I did know. He was like a lovesick puppy....
12- When and where was your fist kiss? A week after we met, June 14th, in the entry hall at my parent's house.
13-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? I like to sit at home and watch movies. He likes to do sexy things....sorry family.
14-Do you have kids? How many? Just Tessa. So yes, and 1.
15- What's a hidden talent that he has? He has the voice of an angel. And he is able to shed his toenails as easily as snake skin, and then they grow's crazily disgusting.
16- How old is he? He'll be 26 in November.
17- What's his favorite type of music? Anything that sucks. And Jonas Brothers.
18- What do you admire most about him? He's pretty strong in his convictions, wheterh religious or otherwise. It can be annoying, but it's pretty cool.
19-What's his favorite past time? Being gay with his friends. Seriously, if I knew him in high school, things would've turned out a lot differently.
20- Do you think he is going to read this? Nope, he won't. It's cool though, I'll tell him about it.
I'll tag everyone. You know who you are.

Monday, September 8, 2008

An update on Tessa's Sty

Tessa has been asleep for hours and I am really bored, so I'll give everyone an update on the goings on with her deformation. I took her to the doctor today because it's been 3 weeks since her sty developed, and it isn't getting any smaller. SO he told me that he didn't want to drain it just yet, because she has been responding to antibiotics. So she is on a stronger antibiotic, and I'm giving it to her like 3 times a day, so I hope it'll just go away so I don't have to go to a specialist to have it drained. It's seriously getting on my nerves.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Sty

If you are terrified about the title of my blog should be. A little over 2 weeks ago Tessa started to get this sty on her eye. Basically, she has a larger eyelash folicle, and sometimes bacteria gets caught in it. Eventually, they pop and drain the puss out after about a week or so, but for some reason, this one was trying to take over her face...and my life. It doesn't bother her so much, but if I have to explain what it is to one more person, I might scream. No, I did not hit her in the eye, and no, she didn't fall into a table. Luckily, Alex has a cousin who is a pediatrician, and he looked at it and got her on an antibiotic, so it's finally going away. But if you think it's gross, you are correct. It really is. It's not as bad anymore. The picture above was when it was at it's worst. So picture it a little less gigantic and more pinkish now.