Monday, September 15, 2008

Tagged-sort of...

I think I was technically tagged-this stuff is all about my boo, Alex.
1- Where did you meet? At the drive in...we saw Harry Potter 3 and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. He brought his ex-girlfriend. It's cool though, I had a boyfriend. Until the next day.
2- How long did you date before you were married? 10 months
3- How long have you been married for? 3 years, 5 months, and 8 days.
4- What does he do that surprises you? Is this supposed to be a cute answer...or a truly surprising one. He says douche bag a's adorable.
5- What's your favorite feature about him? His man hands...just kidding. His toes...ha, seriously, have you seen them. They're disgusting. Probably his dimples.
6- What's your favorite quality about him? He's pretty sweet when you think about it....I say mean things about him sometimes, but he's really cute.
7- Does he have a nickname for you? What is it? He calls me babe. It's not original. I call him boo. I think that's more original than babe. He calls me Chels, but so does everyone.
8- What's his favorite color? Blue.
9- What's his favorite food? Mexican...or me. Ha.
10-What is his favorite sport? Soccer. I hate it.
11- Who said I love you first? He did and I said, "I know." Because I did know. He was like a lovesick puppy....
12- When and where was your fist kiss? A week after we met, June 14th, in the entry hall at my parent's house.
13-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? I like to sit at home and watch movies. He likes to do sexy things....sorry family.
14-Do you have kids? How many? Just Tessa. So yes, and 1.
15- What's a hidden talent that he has? He has the voice of an angel. And he is able to shed his toenails as easily as snake skin, and then they grow's crazily disgusting.
16- How old is he? He'll be 26 in November.
17- What's his favorite type of music? Anything that sucks. And Jonas Brothers.
18- What do you admire most about him? He's pretty strong in his convictions, wheterh religious or otherwise. It can be annoying, but it's pretty cool.
19-What's his favorite past time? Being gay with his friends. Seriously, if I knew him in high school, things would've turned out a lot differently.
20- Do you think he is going to read this? Nope, he won't. It's cool though, I'll tell him about it.
I'll tag everyone. You know who you are.


Ally said...

oh wow this made me laugh really hard.

Lindsey said...

You are hilarious!! And we really should do lunch, maybe next week?!

zach and cecily said...

You are going to get beaten over this. I'll miss you.

Are you going to mom's later?