Monday, September 8, 2008

An update on Tessa's Sty

Tessa has been asleep for hours and I am really bored, so I'll give everyone an update on the goings on with her deformation. I took her to the doctor today because it's been 3 weeks since her sty developed, and it isn't getting any smaller. SO he told me that he didn't want to drain it just yet, because she has been responding to antibiotics. So she is on a stronger antibiotic, and I'm giving it to her like 3 times a day, so I hope it'll just go away so I don't have to go to a specialist to have it drained. It's seriously getting on my nerves.


Gary and Dana said...

OH no! Poor Tessa AND poor you too! We miss you guys! Hope all is well other then a little facial abnormality! Oh, you guys did a beautiful job singing at Lance's farewell. Sorry we couldn't stay to say hello!

Lindsey said...

So when he drains the sty will you probably save the puss to put in her baby book?

Whitney and Kelly! said...

Oh man, poor miss tessa! tell her emma sends her love! Thats pretty gross though if they have to drain it!