Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's actually spelled Boston, but I wanted to go for the phonetic spelling. This weekend we got to fly out to see Alex as he is currently (always) away on business. I felt kind of bad that we were taking him away from his second family for the weekend, but oh well. He originally wanted me to fly out all by myself with our two children, luggage, double stroller, and two car seats, but i was all "oh no he didn't" so my mom came too! In the words of Kelly Clarkson, my life would have sucked without her. It was super fun, and really nice for Alex to be able to actually see his children. Tessa was excited and wouldn't let him out of her sights the whole time, whereas Sully was all "whatevs." But honestly, they barely know each other anyway. Here we go...

This was me and the children in Boston Gardens, not to be confused with Boston Commons, which is directly across the street. Little known fact, there is only 1 bathroom in the entire bajillion mile radius. And me and my mom had to walk all the way across that bajillion mile radius to get to it...and we got separated, so for about a half an hour I was freaking out. Because Boston Commons also houses most of the crazies during the day. I got some stares...from creepers. But, if you look closely, Tessa is hanging on to the literature my mom received from the Mennonites, who were having a meeting near the playground. She's really into learning about other religions. And what's wrong with the world.

We went to Quincy Market, and Tessa turned it on. She posed on this pedastel thing for a while so I could change Sullivan's diaper in secret. People were loving her, even if she whipped them a few times with her stuffed dog that she absolutely couldn't live without...naturally, I said no to it, but don't worry-Alex got it for her anyway.
He also bought her a ticket for the carousel. He spoils her.

We went on a Trolley tour of the city, and also on a Harbor Cruise-the trolley was fun, and I'm pretty sure the driver spoke to me and only me. No joke. He would turn around and just tell me about the history. I'm not even making it up, because Alex got jealous of all the attention I was was weird. But the harbor cruise failed to impress. Seriously, I can see water in the shower. The highlight was waiting in line for the trolley to come back. Tessa posed. FOR EVERYONE.


That day I finally dressed Sullivan in real clothes-not just onesies and rompers. He had a full fledged outfit on-button up shirt and everything. So I say to Alex, "Take a picture of him-he's in a real outfit."

This is what I got. He didn't even attempt to get him to look at the camera. Send a man to do a woman's job, right?!?

It was super rainy the day we left for Connecticut, so we actually didn't do much. We just spent about 70 dollars at a pastry shop. No biggie. Of course, I didn't get any pictures of us devouring everything in the box...for 3 straight days. My mom said she couldn't feel her fingers because she was on such a sugar high. AND-I didn't get any pictures of Alex with Sullivan, or Alex and me. We're smart...but it was a fun trip and it was fun to be able to have Alex around for longer than 36 hours. One cool thing is that I totally learned how to do my bangs Emma Pilsbury style-she's the guidance counselor on Glee. A crazy random happenstance that I nailed her hair, but I actually didn't get a good picture of it...lame of me.
This was the only picture I have for the day I did it. I was super stoked about it, and I didn't even mind that I ruined some of the ozone because I aerosol hairsprayed the crap out of it. Awesome.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girl Trip!!

You know I loves me some girl trips. So this past weekend we went to Las Vegas with the girls in the family and it did not disappoint. Sullivan came as well, on account of he's still breastfeeding. I would have said something way more awesome, but recently I found out my mom is disappointed in me because I said hell in one of my past now I can't be funny anymore. JUST KIDDING. I'll still be funny. I'll just have to say more inappropriate things so they'll eventually cancel each other out.

So we went down to go to the gift shows down there, but since we don't do Simpable Things anymore, there really wasn't much to buy for. But we still shopped til we dropped. I was mainly on the search for this Sweet Ass Tea that they currently have at Jack in the Box, but when I got there, they told me it was actually pronounced Sweet Ice Tea, so I was pretty disappointed. Oh well.

This is obvi me and Ces and Sully. Whenever my sisters would be holding him, people would comment on how great they looked only 5 weeks after having a baby. They wouldn't correct them, so people just thought I was the fat sister. It seriously bugged. But the whole trip Cessy referred to him as her baby, and she would not stop trying to get at him...I mean I get it, he's awesome. Here she is, trying to steal my thunder.

We found a shop that was dedicated to my baby. This is him with Cailey-she was real good about not dropping him.

We had a day to just hang out, so we went swimming. I may or may have not cried...I just had a baby people!! But seriously, I looked way better than two thirds of the people there. The other third was my family-they be looking good. So that blew. My mom created a make shift tent for Sully, because they didn't have any umbrellas! I thought Vegas was kid friendly.

Now I don't know if you people know my lil sis Cailey, but she's pretty funny. I know, it's weird because you're probably thinking "don't you have to talk to be funny." Well, yeah. But she gets to talking. Everytime my mom would ask where we wanted to eat, she would say Cheesecake Factory. It's probably not funny to you, but it was fing funny to me. So here we are at the Cheesecake Factory.

Here we are-Momsie, Cessy, Ashlii, Cailey, Me, and Sullivan...

Sullivan and me. Were you thinking it was someone else's baby? That'd be weird, right?
Anyway, trip highlight was when people kept quoting lines from The Hangover, and my mom was like, "I haven't seen that, it's disgusting" (or something mom-ish.) So Cailey proceeded to tell her the entire movie, pretty much word for word. It was Rain Man creepy.

But seriously, it was way way fun. I was telling my mom the next day how much I love girls trips-and again, I may or may have not cried. But I probably cried. Ugh, I'm so emotional.

But I missed Tessa and Alex. Apparently he was teaching her that dogs aren't scary. Sometimes he does more damage than good...

he also let her slide down a hill on a pizza box. I'm not sure how it worked out...

She fell.

Dexter's Trick

So my lil sis and her husband went to California a little bit ago, and when they came back they had all sorts of new tricks to show us. This was our favorite...

So sad slash adorable. Love that baby. You just have to growl at him and he cries.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey all-I'm back. And don't worry Ces, this isn't going to be a stupid post, although I don't know what you are talking about. Jersey Shore isn't stupid. It's more like stoopid...which is good! Anywhoodle, this is my blog to brag-hence blagging.

We got Sullivan's crib bedding back from Alex's grandma (sooooo cute!) so I had to post pictures of it. And his cute nursery! So here it is:

This is his changing table-that I totally sewed myself. We had an incident the other day with explosive poop, so I had to wash it, which I was totally nervous about because I figured it would fall apart. IT DIDN'T! Boo yah-I sew.

This is above his changing table-Leslie (my sil) made those Rock and Roll letters-she went to the fabric store and got the exact same fabric that we got for the bedding and she made these for his room. Cute right? RIGHT!

UGH-SO great, right!?!?! Alex's grandma is a master seamstress-if that's the correct term. She totally nailed it, right? And apparently the fabric is really busy, so my baby should be a genius. Sully Stimulated...that's what we'll call him.

And this is a pretty good view of his room. Yes, that is a Beatles poster. And those are David Bowie albums. I'm planning on getting a huge poster of Sullivan for the other wall-I'm going to let him get a little cuter before I get his pictures taken.

Oh who am I kidding? He's so freaking cute. PS: Totally sewed his car seat cover. Don't look too closely though, it's pretty much coming apart...