Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Back.

Scared? You should be. I kid. I'm not scary-at least, not always. Anyway, last week we went to St. George with Alex's family and it was a blast! So I figured, people want to share in this-hence, blogging. We drove down on Wednesday and came home Sunday, but let me just tell you, there was not a moment wasted! We packed in the fun...so sit back and relax...or read this.
Day 1-Sand Hollow
One important thing to know about Alex's family is that they are outdoor people. They all know how to water ski and boat and stuff like that. I don't...but that doesn't stop me! The first day, we went to Sand Hollow which is like a mini Lake Powell (so I hear, I've never been to Lake Powell...I'm ok with it though, don't be sad for me.) We rented wave runners...more like wave FUNners! They were so much fun, and even Tessa enjoyed them. I told Doug that when I get on them it turns me into a lesbian because they made me say weird things like, "Let's ride!" and "Do it to it!" Stuff along those lines-like awesome things. Tessa in her "jacket life." She called it that all day. I think she really believed that jacket was a jacket that produced life. She's so weird. Love her.The family getting ready to ride. Everytime Alex would stop to talk to me, Tessa would yell at him to go faster! And then I could hear her screaming as they rode-it was funny.Alex is so hot right now. I hope he's embarrassed by this. I am. (just kidding, boo. You look hot.)

After going out on the wave runners, Tessa spent most of the day in the water with Trace. I'm sure she was telling him some story or something. She's really animated.There was this island in the middle of the lake, so everyone wanted to go cliff diving. This is the boys at the top, awaiting their destiny.

I got pictures of all of them, but this one it the best. No, it's not flipped wrong-Jordy was really horizontal to the water, because he had done a flip off of the cliff. It was beautiful.

Tessa fell asleep in Mindy's lap-she was really tired! So this is our little family, with Tessa zonked.

Day 2-Swimming

The next day, everyone went swimming at the Green Valley swimming pool. It was fun just to sit there, even though we didn't stay very long-Tessa fell asleep walking back to the pool, again in Mindy's arms. Mindy has a way with her. But before that, she was quite animated, once again.

Everyone hanging out. If you look really closely in the background, you can see Doug carrying everyone's stuff over to where we were sitting. He did that twice. So helpful.Tessa didn't actually want to swim, she just wanted to push everyone in. So this is her leading Leslie to her doom.

And this is her pushing Doug. He got it the most I think.

Day 3-Zion National Park

The next day, we went to Zion to hike. I know, right? I'm totally outdoorsy now. But one fun thing was that it was Free National Park Day! Everyone loves free.

Tessa on the shuttle. She has no idea what's coming.This is how Tessa traveled most of the way up to the Emerald Pools. Being a kid rocks. I tried to get Alex to carry me on his shoulders, and he rejected that idea. So lame.Proof we were there. I totally climbed up on that rock to take this picture. Suck on that.Tessa's model pose. She was eating an oreo at the last pool and kept striking this pose. I don't know if she was trying to impress someone, but I'm betting not, since she does this kind of stuff all the time when no one's watching. Or when someone's watching, she doesn't discriminate.

I have a ton of other pictures of the days we were there, but we could take all day if we post those!! It was a really fun trip and we were sad to leave. Mostly because Alex left the next day for Houston, and no one wants that. And Tessa and I already are driving each other crazy, so the next two weeks should be awesome!

(Sarcasm. Original!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy Legs

So I am currently watching my sister Cessy's boys. Well, not currently-currently I'm blogging...I'm not sure where they ran off too...Kidding, I'm watching them. Don't worry Ces. But anyway, for those who don't know how f-ing adorable they are, I'm sharing. I think Tessa is adorable but she's a girl, so I'm going to venture to say they are the cutest boys ever (until I have a little boy, obviously!) This is Stone. Yes, that's Tessa's hat. He also has on Tessa's shoe. Just one shoe, not both. He's the cutest little cross dresser I've ever met. He's the next Dr. Frank-N-Furter. At least that's the hope! I kept asking him if he wanted to smile, and he kept saying "No, take it." He's such a gentle spirit.
I had to throw a cute picture of Tessa in here, just so she doesn't get jealous when she starts reading my blog. I'm thinking that'll be pretty soon since she's mastered my iTouch at the ripe old age of 2. This was at Color Me Mine, making stuff.

And this, my friends, is the point of the entire blog. You'll notice I titled it Crazy Legs. That wasn't just a fun name. For those who have met Sebastian, you'll know he's a happy little baby. He's so stonkin cute, it's disgusting. Well, he is a kicker. If you hold him up in the air, he just kicks his heart out. He almost kicked his way out of my hands today. And yesterday. So I was just sitting at my computer, minding my own business, thinking he was drinking a bottle. Then I realized he was being pretty quiet. So I looked down and he was waiting for me to play peek-a-boo with him or something. He pulled his little car seat hood over his face and just waited until I noticed, then he would kick like crazy. So I got it filmed up all nice.

Look at those legs go! He's so energetic. That's after he's rolled around on my floor for like an hour-you'd think he'd be tired or something, but no! Anywho, that's all. Those are my cute nephews. If you want more of them, go to Cessy's blog.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

David Archuleta!!! And some soccer team...

I'm kidding, I know the soccer team. I believe they are known as Real Salt Lake. A little bit ago, Alex's parents got the family tickets to the Real game-but it was extra special, because David Archuleta (Utah's own American Idol) was singing the National Anthem and doing a concert when the game was over. So last night, we all got to enjoy our favorite things. Alex got soccer, I got a teen idol, and Tessa got a churro. Aw, the joys of life. The family at the game-Alex was taking the picture. Tessa and Alex, cheering for the game.

Tessa and her churro that she totally stole from the people next to us. (Don't worry, we knew them.)

DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!! I totally cried.
You can't see this really well, but we were sitting right underneath the jumbotron-so Leslie is staring lovingly up at Archie while I cry my eyes out. He was touching my very soul with his voice!

The very last song he sang was a new one, so he asked the crowd to "get up, dance, jump-just really get into it."

Doug was happy to oblige. I'm pretty sure he cried too.
Alex and me. My hair apparently is purple now...I'm not sure what that's about.
Tessa with Jordy. He found this half of a noise maker, and she's still beating my head with it today.
The family at the end of the game-I didn't get a picture with any Real Paraphernalia, so this is in the Jordan Commons parking garage.

It was really fun-even though I only went for the concert, I got into the game as well. I'm pretty sure we tied. I'm not sure though... BUT to cap off the awesome night, I spent the rest of it puking everything I had eaten the day before. So that was fun. I'm feeling ok now, but I'm pretty sure I'm 5-10 pounds thinner.

First Dentist Visit

Tessa had her first dentist appointment on Thursday, and it was uber exciting. She actually did really well. All they did was count her teeth and make sure she could bite and stuff like that, so it wasn't a major cleaning session or anything, but still, exciting! That morning I told her we were going to the dentist, so she got really excited and kept saying "I need to go to the dentist, we need to go now!" I had a feeling she didn't really know what the dentist was. But she did great! I just couldn't believe she's getting old enough to have preventative care on her teeth!!! Waiting for her check up. I'd just gotten done with mine, that's why I look awesome.

Getting her teeth counted. Only 16, which I thought was odd...but then again, she has a little mouth.

First Pet

For those of you who know Alex (my boo) you'll know he's an animal person...I know, crazy that we're together. But he always tried to make me into an animal person as well. I'm not into it. So now he's moved onto Tessa. And he finally got to her, much to my dismay. On Monday, we went and got Tessa her very first pet. We got her 6 goldfish-too bad 3 of them have died already. Apparently that happens, according to Alex.
She just wanted to hold the fish bowl. She was so excited! She even named them. All six are Billy. She's not so good on the naming part. But at least we don't have to remember 6 names!
Alex and Tessa getting ready to pour them into the bowl. Again, notice her excitement.
I was just happy that she was happy. I'm not actually excited to have to take care of fish...I just don't get it. Sorry.Their first meal. The next day, Tessa fed them some Fruit Loops, Chicken Nuggets, and Root Beer. All at once. I saved them though...well, 3 of them. But those three seem to be doing really well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My First Giveaway

I'm totally entering this giveaway...Cailey (my lil sis) wants this dress, but she's pregnant, so what's she gonna do with it, right? Right.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ode To Mike

So as promised, this is my post for Mike. He's always saying that my blog is too boring, and he "doesn't want to read this crap about Tori Spelling" (direct quote). So I was all, This is gonna rock his world. So this post is about Alex's friend Michael Lyn Miller. He's my friend too...more than Alex's. He's actually my best friend...pretty much. Not counting a lot of people. Anyway, let's get rockin! I actually don't know how awesome this post will be for other people, but I know how much I love to read about myself, so I bet you'll love it Mike...let me know if you do...and don't tell Kelly. He thinks it's weird for you to talk to me...yeah Kelly, I know what's up.
This is Mike way back in the day. No, ladies, that's not his natural hair color. This was before he couldn't smell...long story. Actually not really. He fell on a longboard, broke his neck, and now he can't smell or taste...some may call him "blind of the mouth." (Is that inappropriate? I hope not. Sorry Mike.)

Andy, me, and Mike on News Years Eve 2006. So almost 2007. I think 2007 was really our year, Mike, because by the look on my face, we were not friends yet. Or I was mad at something else...I'm always mad at something.

This is Mike, about to eat a whole rack of ribs. He dressed for the occasion (he looks like a lumberjack...Classic Mike).

He's sporty too. Volleyball. Manly. Anywho, he's single, so if you're interested email me! (Mike-I'll be sure to screen them for you.)

Lastly, but not leastly: I'm determined to turn Alex's friends into huggers, even though I'm not necessarily a hugger. And so I decided to start with Mike.

This was after I stalked him for an entire weekend...but he was cool with it. Except I'm pretty sure he was trying to kill me, because my ribs were definitely cracked after this...Thanks Mikey.

Welp, that's it. I'm pretty proud of my post so...

...Suck it, Mike. And be safe!