Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ode To Mike

So as promised, this is my post for Mike. He's always saying that my blog is too boring, and he "doesn't want to read this crap about Tori Spelling" (direct quote). So I was all, This is gonna rock his world. So this post is about Alex's friend Michael Lyn Miller. He's my friend too...more than Alex's. He's actually my best friend...pretty much. Not counting a lot of people. Anyway, let's get rockin! I actually don't know how awesome this post will be for other people, but I know how much I love to read about myself, so I bet you'll love it Mike...let me know if you do...and don't tell Kelly. He thinks it's weird for you to talk to me...yeah Kelly, I know what's up.
This is Mike way back in the day. No, ladies, that's not his natural hair color. This was before he couldn't smell...long story. Actually not really. He fell on a longboard, broke his neck, and now he can't smell or taste...some may call him "blind of the mouth." (Is that inappropriate? I hope not. Sorry Mike.)

Andy, me, and Mike on News Years Eve 2006. So almost 2007. I think 2007 was really our year, Mike, because by the look on my face, we were not friends yet. Or I was mad at something else...I'm always mad at something.

This is Mike, about to eat a whole rack of ribs. He dressed for the occasion (he looks like a lumberjack...Classic Mike).

He's sporty too. Volleyball. Manly. Anywho, he's single, so if you're interested email me! (Mike-I'll be sure to screen them for you.)

Lastly, but not leastly: I'm determined to turn Alex's friends into huggers, even though I'm not necessarily a hugger. And so I decided to start with Mike.

This was after I stalked him for an entire weekend...but he was cool with it. Except I'm pretty sure he was trying to kill me, because my ribs were definitely cracked after this...Thanks Mikey.

Welp, that's it. I'm pretty proud of my post so...

...Suck it, Mike. And be safe!


Anonymous said...

LOL, Awesome Post, Thanks Chels! I love your blog now!

Zach and Cecily said...


Lindsey said...

Love the lumberjack shirt to eat ribs. HA HA. You should challenge him to come to Lonestar and do the all you can eat ribs. What's up now!

Cailey&Devon said...

cuh-reepy... is a fun-nay way to say creepy. that's all.