Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Dentist Visit

Tessa had her first dentist appointment on Thursday, and it was uber exciting. She actually did really well. All they did was count her teeth and make sure she could bite and stuff like that, so it wasn't a major cleaning session or anything, but still, exciting! That morning I told her we were going to the dentist, so she got really excited and kept saying "I need to go to the dentist, we need to go now!" I had a feeling she didn't really know what the dentist was. But she did great! I just couldn't believe she's getting old enough to have preventative care on her teeth!!! Waiting for her check up. I'd just gotten done with mine, that's why I look awesome.

Getting her teeth counted. Only 16, which I thought was odd...but then again, she has a little mouth.

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