Sunday, June 22, 2008


Since we haven't updated in a really long time, here's a little something...I know Whitney will be happy for something new to read. This weekend Alex ran in the Wasatch Back Marathon, which was a relay race thing. He "tore it up" (that is a direct quote from him, I would never say that.) Apparently he's fit...who knew? He ran his first leg, which was about 7 miles, in just under 55 minutes, and apparently that's a pretty good time. I wouldn't know since I'm not a runner. That's actually the only bit of news that we have for now. Our lives have been pretty exciting.

Monday, June 9, 2008


This Saturday Alex took Zach to the Real Soccer game, so Cessy took me with her to see the Salt City Shakers, which is the roller derby all star team for Salt Lake. It was the funnest thing I think I've ever been able to attend. Not really, but it seriously mind freaked me. After the bout (that's a little bit of the lingo for you) we took pictures with Cherrylicious and Dia Below (I think, we're not sure about her name) from the Hollywood Scarlets (the opposing team...who a lot.). It was so funny to go ask them to take their pictures with us because we both had our babies and all that. They were cool though, Dia Below even kissed Tessa....lucky baby.

Monday, June 2, 2008

For Whitney

This is my post that is just for know who you are. I actually don't have anything fun to blog about and Tessa hasn't done anything really cute so this may be awkward. OMG...I totally forgot-I DO have an awesome story. Get ready for this.....ok, so the other day Alex was getting ready for work upstairs, and Tess was watching Little Einsteins (but like she needs to, she's totally smarter than that Leo kid.) Anyhow, they were counting something on the show, so Alex was counting to Tessa. So he said, "One, two three..." and then Tessa said (keep in mind she's only like 19 months old) "four, five, six, SEVEN!" And then she repeated it twice...that's right, my baby is a genius. So you thought that was it? Oh no, today she made it to 8. We're going to be to 15 by this time next week. Suck on that other babies!
Whitney, obviously I don't want Emma to suck on that since she's only a month old. It was just a fun way to end a story. I apologize to any babies that were offended in this post.