Sunday, June 22, 2008


Since we haven't updated in a really long time, here's a little something...I know Whitney will be happy for something new to read. This weekend Alex ran in the Wasatch Back Marathon, which was a relay race thing. He "tore it up" (that is a direct quote from him, I would never say that.) Apparently he's fit...who knew? He ran his first leg, which was about 7 miles, in just under 55 minutes, and apparently that's a pretty good time. I wouldn't know since I'm not a runner. That's actually the only bit of news that we have for now. Our lives have been pretty exciting.


Whitney and Kelly! said...

im glad you thought of me! ive been waiting for an update! Glad he tore it up!!!

Cailey&Devon said...

Helloooo!!! Why don't you update about watching Camp Rock? Hehe you researched it.. you researched it... I sorry. I love the Jo Bros too. Even the stupid one. W2G LX! (Way to go, Alex) On account of him running that marathon.. Wowee.