Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You think she needs a creative outlet?

This is what we see all the time. Seriously, if there is music on, Tessa will break into some kind of dance. I think maybe it's time to enroll her in some dance classes or something. And yes, it was the Britney Spears Glee episode that she was dancing to. We love gLee. Dexter.

I watched Dexter the other night(my nephew, not the show...although I watched that too) and I decided to introduce him to a special someone...
yep...these are my bobble heads. And I figured Dexter should know where he got that name from. You're welcome Cailey.
Just a couple of serial killers hanging out on the couch.
Someone said something funny...I think it was about blood splatter. Or kill rooms.

Sorry mom.

But isn't he the cutest? I know...we're related.

Sullivan's Blessing

So we had Sullivan's blessing about 2 weeks ago. I seriously stressed about it for like the entire month before, which is crazy because that means I was worrying about it when he was only about 3 weeks old.... Mainly because I'm basically a single I was like, "oh man, there's lots of yard work to do...and I don't do outdoors." Luckily, Alex came home and had enough time to get stuff done...except haul a bunch of chairs and tables in the backyard. That was me. (I was pissed...still am.) I was also pretty stressed because we also had to SPEAK in church. JK. I rock at speaking...I've been doing it since I was like 9 months old. But here is the one and only picture we got of the day. My mom got some of Sully all by himself on our couch, but I don't have those. Just picture him without the rest of us. Cute, right?

And if anyone was wondering, I also rock at being a single mom...I don't know what all of those teen mothers are complaining about.
JK. I realize that might be a little inappropriate. But Cardon family, if you are reading this, please let Alex come home...(Ashley-pass it on.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fastest 2 Hours Ever

Tessa started preschool today! I was all nervous to drop her off, and I even had butterflies in my stomach last night as I was going to bed. It was almost like I was starting preschool. We dropped her off and she didn't even turn around...and when I wanted to take her pictures in front of the sign, I'm pretty sure I saw her roll her eyes at me. Apparently I'm the embarrassing mom. I guess Tessa didn't see the mom who just rolled out of bed to drop her kid off. Or the mom that was wearing those shape up skechers...
But we dropped her off and came back home and it was like I barely sat down and we had to go pick her up again. When she's home 2 hours is like an eternity, but when she's gone it goes by as fast as possible! She learned the letter S today, which is good because that makes up half of her first name. AND she came home with book orders! Who remembers those? And I told her that since I rarely got to order books from the book orders, she could order whatever she wanted. Then I looked at them, and was like, "we'll go to Barnes and Noble if you want these." I totally get why I never got book orders. Who wants to wait a month for a book that I can drive down the street to buy? Anyway, here's pictures! She's already best joke, one of the other moms verified...
Cute boots right? Yeah, I went to 3 H&Ms to get those thanks to Alex.

This is her at her school...she's so cute.

These pictures are obvious. One's with me and one's with Alex. Try and guess which is which.

Park City

This weekend we had the pleasure of having Kelly and Whitney here-it's starting to get old though...they are ALWAYS here...I'm just joshin. I love 'em. Anyway, since they were home, and Alex was home, and Steve got work off, we went to Park City. Apparently Whitney wanted to get her Alpine Slide on. Who's heard of the Alpine Slide? Yeah, me either. JK. But seriously, I've never been on the Alpine Slide, and I've lived in Utah my entire life! AND I never wanted to go on it, because one of my earliest memories was going to church and seeing the Hanks boy with a broken leg that he got because he fell off the Alpine Slide. It's been engrained into my memory, so I was like, "No thanks, gang, I don't do the slide." Well apparently Steve wasn't having he bought our tickets and basically guilted me into going on it. THEN, he tried to kill me. So it was really an odd night. But it was fun, even though it was scary. I seriously was about to cry. Here are our pics.

On our way up, which is really half the ride. I mean, you go on the ski lift for like an hour, and then you are back down in 5 minutes. That's why I don't ski...all that time wasted...
This was the most terrifying part though. I kept thinking Emma was going to jump for it. She kept assuring us that she was alright.

Kelly and Whitney and Emma. Whit's pretty much my bestie, even though she has some other bestie. Lame.

I couldn't take Sullivan on the ride, so we had to go in shifts. So I left him with Adam and Andy. It's basically the same as leaving him with Tessa, except they'll feed him...which is nice.

So Steve kept telling me that if I went too slow than he would crash into I go on the slide and I'm going at a reasonable pace, all the while thinking, "Steve wouldn't really try to kill me...Alex would be pissed." Then, I heard a faint yelling in the distance, which kept getting louder and louder, and finally I could make it out. It was Steve and he was yelling, "You have to go faster! I'm going to ram you!" Sweet right? So you can imagine how much I loved the whole experience...

Doesn't my face just say it all? And doesn't Steve look super happy for almost killing me?

As Tessa waited for me to come down, she went on a ride.
AND HATED IT. You can see her tears.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Healthy Baby


So Sullivan had a doctor's appointment and I decided I'm going to be a mom that updates my children's stats monthly...not really, but I thought it was funny so I'm blogging it, Chelsea style.

So we go to the doctor...first off, the receptionist asks "Who is the patient?" I reply, "Tessa Osborne." She checks the computer and says, "We don't have an appointment for Tessa today." I say, "What? The girl called me yesterday to remind me! She said it was today!" And the receptionist says, "Well, do you think maybe the appointment is for Sullivan?" And I say, "Oh yeah...sometimes I forget about him." I turn around and Tessa says, "Um, said we were coming to get Sullivan shots. I don't want someone to look at my eyes." Yep. My daughter thinks all doctors are eye doctors now. Sad.

Anywho. So the nurse comes out and asks if there is a patient named Sullivan. I say yes. She says, "That's not a last name, right?" I say, "nope. It's his name." She says, "Oh." That's it. I'm thinking we don't have a fan of the baby name? Oh well. So she measures him and weighs him and checks his head and all that stuff and then the doctor comes in...he says, "Hi. What are you feeding your baby?" And I say,"Breastmilk and Formula." And he says, "well, it seems to be working. He's gained about 5 pounds since his last appointment, and he's 2 and half inches longer. So he's in the 95th percentile for his height (which we're used to. Have you seen my giant 3 year old?) and he's in the 90th percentile for weight." Yup. He's a big'n. So he checks him and everything looks good, and then he says that he'll be getting shots, and if I want to give him Tylenol after it's ok. BUT, since he's exceeded the weight limit for a 2 month old, I can go ahead and give him one full squirt of the stuff, instead of just half.

Holla! My baby can get more drugs than yours!

So he gets his shots and screamed his little head off. All of this, however, was hilarious to Tessa. She laughed at him for about 5 minutes. She's mean.

Anyway, my point is, my baby is healthy. fin.