Friday, September 5, 2008

The Sty

If you are terrified about the title of my blog should be. A little over 2 weeks ago Tessa started to get this sty on her eye. Basically, she has a larger eyelash folicle, and sometimes bacteria gets caught in it. Eventually, they pop and drain the puss out after about a week or so, but for some reason, this one was trying to take over her face...and my life. It doesn't bother her so much, but if I have to explain what it is to one more person, I might scream. No, I did not hit her in the eye, and no, she didn't fall into a table. Luckily, Alex has a cousin who is a pediatrician, and he looked at it and got her on an antibiotic, so it's finally going away. But if you think it's gross, you are correct. It really is. It's not as bad anymore. The picture above was when it was at it's worst. So picture it a little less gigantic and more pinkish now.

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Lindsey said...

First thoughts, poor girl. Second thought, that is gross! Your a good mom Chels