Sunday, October 4, 2009


SO. This weekend Zach (my BIL) ran the St. George Marathon. It was in St. George. So we went down to support him. Seriously, that's like a 30 miler....sounds like work, right? Well, he did a good job-I believe he finished in 4 hours. This was his first marathon. I'm pretty sure he's entering an Iron Man Competition now. Or not. We'll see. But for reals, it was amazing-I cried-I just have a lot of emotions.
This was the guy that my mom told me was Zach and I took a picture super fast, because-hello-they are running. She's a kidder. She kept pointing at guys and telling me that it was him since I had the camera. It was pretty funny of her. When she pointed at a girl I thought it had gone too far.
(I'm kidding. That never happened.)

This really was Zach. Obvi. He did his hair up so we could tell it was him.The family that came to support. Stone's making out with a popsicle. Tessa is still trying to figure out how to hold hers. Sebastian passed out. (And no, my husband did not come, but yes, we are still married. Just in case you were confused.)

It was a fun trip. In other highlights, we (Cailey, Devy, and I) went to see Zombieland. Oh. My. Best. Seriously, so funny. I'm not even kidding! That's all.

Good job Zach!


Janie Topham said...

You guys are silly! We were there too... Julie's husband ran it! We saw Cailey's husband but didn't see you guys!

Annie Harper said...

Oh to do a marathon....

Just thinking about it makes me nauseous. But if I could run one in just a speedo like picture #1 guy....well then, I just might reconsider. (ok that's a lie....or IS it?)

P.S. you're funny