Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tessa's Phase

So I've always heard that kids (or maybe girls, who knows) will go through a phase where they want to pick out their own clothes and dress themselves and all that, but Tessa never did that, so I was like whatevs. Welp, I was wrong. She changes a good 6 times everyday, but her outfit always centers around this little tank top that I got from Forever 21.

It's so cute, but it's still way too big for her, so you get a little 'show' when she wears it...

Anyway, she's always so proud of herself when she gets dressed-all I asked is that she at least try to dress this is what she came up with today.

Yep. That's a ballerina skirt. And she didn't even try to put the tank top on right...spiteful. At least she posed cute-I mean look at the extension of her legs! And I promise I actually do her hair. She pulled it out today so she could try to eat the clip that was holding it back...I realize most of my posts about Tessa make her sound "less than fresh"...I promise she's smart!

That's all I've got.

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