Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catching Up-Fall

Oh boy, I haven't really put much effort into blog posts lately. Apparently I've been busy being a good mom/wife. Sorry readers, my bad. Well now that my kids are sufficiently being neglected (JK, Sully is asleep and Tessa is playing at the neighbors) I will update you like you've never been updated before. Where to start? Well since the last real thing I updated was Tessa's birthday, we'll go from there...which is basically Thanksgiving.
So for Thanksgiving this year we were with my family, which means St. George. On Sunday morning I got a call from my sister at 8 am (thanks Ces.) saying there was a huge storm coming so we needed to leave Sunday instead of Monday, which was the original plan. Alex was leaving for New York, so he didn't really care too much if we left that day. So the girls all gathered at my house after Alex went to church-that's right, just Alex-and Devon took Alex and Zach to the airport as we finished forcing the children into their car. Well guess what happened...if you were going to say Alex went to the airport with my keys in his pocket, thus delaying our trip by an hour or so, then you'd be right. So Devon had to bring the keys back to us, and then we left. Well, 9 hours later we made it to St. George. Yep, that storm was a little bit early apparently. And the stupid Beaver Police kept ruining our lives. They closed the freeway for about 3 hours, as we sat there in our cars. Luckily all the kids were amazing, so it wasn't too bad. And Stone and Tessa learned what it's like to pee by the side of the road. So it was educational as well.
Anyway, here are the pictures of when we actually got down there:
Sebs, Rubie, and Stone watching TV. Rubie turned around right before I took the picture, and then immediately went to put her arm around Stone to show how precious she is. He immediately moved away from her. So cuteMy mom bought a big play doh set for all the kids. It seriously was the best/worst thing ever. At first it was best, because they all played with it forever so we could watch our stories. Then it was the worst, because they all wanted to play with it, which turned into some bully beatdowns. I'm pretty sure Tessa almost shanked someone over the pink play doh. And that someone was probably Rubie...sorry Rudy.

And then on Wednesday we were in for some drama. I really won't get into it, because it's the longest story of my life, but Alex and Zach's plane was delayed like 4 times, so we didn't know if they were going to get there, and I couldn't handle another night without a husband, and neither could Cecily, so we were mad. People cried. Then we laughed. And there were hugs involved somewhere in there. Oh and some cooking, but I digress...so when we finally figured out that their plane was eventually going to get into the St. George airport sometime that day, we loaded up all the kids and headed over, signs and all. Have you ever taken 9 kids to an aiport? It blows. Yep, I said it. It was the worst. But they looked cute enoughNotice how none of them are looking at the camera? It's because they were all plotting to go crazy on us. And they did. They ran around, climbed on stuff, and I'm pretty sure Sebs figured out how to get into the employees only section of the airport because he mad-dogged the door for like an hour. And someone probably stole something. I don't know who or what, but I bet it happenedThis is when they finally got home. I was super happy. Cecily cried she was so happy. I'm not even kidding. She cried a lot...I didn't. I tried to, but I was just so excited to have someone else take over the children that I had actually already gone to sleep in my brain...

The next day was Thanksgiving, so we ate some food. Here is my proof:That night we all headed down to the basement to have family togetherness. People played poolPeople cuddled with my babyand people played foosball:Where was I, you might ask?Singing my brains out. Seriously, try to pry that mic from my fingers...it ain't happenin. I just love music so much. When my sisters finally did get their own song on, I stood as close as I could and sang right into their ears...and hearts.Proof.
That night, we went shopping. I've never been a Black Friday shopper, but there was a Kitchen Aid at Wal-Mart for $150, so I was all for it. So we went to Wal Mart at Midnight. Then we went to the outlets. Then Target. And at 6 am the next morning, we finally got home. I'm totally a die hard shopper. I figured we saved about $1000 between all of us. We probably spent close to $3000, but still...
Then the next day the boys went golfing. These are just funny pictures, I have no good story to go with it because girls don't golf, they cook...so says my brothers. Or me. I'm not a feminist, so I'm cool with gender rolesCameron blending in with the walls. He had on a whole lot of khakiI told them to be fun and this is what I got. Coleman and Zach must have been delayed. Or in awe. My dad's idea of fun is lifting his arm. Bless his heart.
Anyway, then we came home-it took us 7 hours to get home because again, we love to travel during horrible snowstorms. But again, the kids were great. Luckily they are seasoned travelers, so they're used to that kind of stuff.
I figure I'll throw Alex's birthday in with the rest of this, because it was right after we got home. So as I said before, he turned 28 on Monday. I can't believe it. But when he was growing up his family would make those Happy Birthday banners and hang them on the mantle for the birthday people. Well Alex's little brother's birthday is on December 3rd, so it's only 4 days after Alex. So he always complains that his banner would only last for 4 days, then Jordy would get his up for like 2 weeks. So being the awesome planner that I am, I made this little poster for him at midnight the night before his birthday. I know, I'm great. I think Mindy would approve-right Mindy?It stayed up for a week. Then I was like," Hey boo, it's Christmas's birthday now, so we be decoratin!"
And poor Alex (well, not poor Alex) bought a Mac from his Aunt back in October, so that's all he got for his birthday.And that's his Christmas too, so he better expect it's going to be wrapped again...JK, I gave him a shirt and pants. That he bought for himself in October...so his birthday was awesome. But really, I think he had a good day. Aside from buying every single Christmas present we had to buy that day, so we spent like a million dollars, which he was not too happy about, I think he enjoyed himself. He got himself a pie and everything. He deserved it! So that was our week. I'll post some more stuff in about 5 minutes.

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Lauren Ricci said...

Your blog and the way you write cracks me up!

We also ventured out for some black Friday shopping and spent way too much money. Mike was super excited about a computer and I was super excited about a TV, oh and 40% off at Express. Oh and I bought 21 crockpots at Walmart; you can't beat $3.00! I think Black Friday in St. George is muchh more tame. I almost had my hand ripped off at Smith's Marketplace up here.

Glad you had such a good holiday. Keep up your funny posts and pics of your adorable kids. I quite enjoy them. Oh and yeah for a Kitchenaid. I am sure you will love it!