Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sully and Tessa

I feel like I never actually write anything about the kids-ha, I know, funny right? All I do is talk about them, but it's because they are genuinely the most awesome of awesomes. But I figured I'd do this because I took pictures, and what's the point of pictures if you don't blog them? That's the only reason we own a camera. So firstly, Tessa wrote a letter to Santa the other day. She's in preschool so she's learning her letters, but she doesn't really know how to write them that well. She can point them out and stuff, but she's still only barely 4, so she isn't super advanced when it comes to writing. Ask her any lyrics to Lady Gaga though-she knows that like the back of her lil hand. So we sat down to write Santa a letter, and I would show her the letters on my paper, and then she would copy them on hers. I am not even kidding, it was amazing. She wrote them amazingly. I was in shock. I made Alex come down and watch her, and he was like, "yeah, well we pay monthly for her to learn this stuff, so it's worth it." I was like, "get this kid on Ellen." So I realize it wasn't that amazing, but to me it was impressive. So here are the pictures I got. I don't know if the letter shows up very well, but I kept a copy of it so I could have it forever...I'm great. And she only actually wrote out Dear Santa. Then it's supposed to say I love deer(?) but she didn't pay attention anymore after that. Then she drew pictures of what she wanted, but that wasn't as impressive, so I didn't take a picture of that. And she can write her name, but it wouldn't fit in the picture without it being too hard to see.This was her trying to keep her eyes open next to her letter. She still has eye things sometimes.Here is her letter. I know it may not be that impressive, but I was impressed. This was all by herself...so that's cool.
Anyway, we put up our Christmas Tree, and we discovered it's the best babysitter ever. And we started feeding Sullivan real food. We tried in St. George, but he wasn't having it and most of it ended up on his bib. But this time I think he got a lot of it in his mouth. I have the poop to prove it. (well, I don't have it, but it seemed like proof at the time.)
That's all I got.

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