Sunday, December 28, 2008


As promised, this is my blog about Christmas. All in all it was a good day-there was good food and awesome presents, which we all know is what makes Christmas what it is. Just kidding-I know it's about Jesus. Anyway, this year Alex and I woke up before Tessa and opened our presents. Alex got a bunch of clothes and I got a new camera! Hey oh-I can totally be a photographer now. Then we had to force Tessa to wake up, because she doesn't care about Christmas yet. She only likes taking the wrapping paper off the boxes, then she's done. So she got a bunch of much needed clothes, and then my little ponies. Which were a hit. Then, we went up to Alex's parents house, where there was a little kitchen waiting for Tessa. She didn't care about anything after that. She just focuses on one thing for the day, and she doesn't do well with distractions. We stayed there for quite a while and ate some good breakfast and played Wii. Then we headed on over to my parents house and watched Friday Night Lights, which my mom swears is the best show ever. She also swears that Model UN and Debate were the "popular clubs" in high school (no offense to those of you who were a part of these clubs). But it was a pretty good show. Then we played some games, ate more food, and went home. So it was a pretty fun Christmas! Then the next day, we celebrated with Alex's extended family. It was kind of nice, because usually we do it all on the one day, so we're rushing from place to place. This year we just got to hang out and relax at each house. So it was a pretty good Christmas! Here's all my pictures-you'll really enjoy them. I dressed Tessa as a trophy wife. Seriously, she looked awesome.
Alex with his PEZ. He loves PEZ.
My new camera. I love pictures of people taking pictures.
Tessa with her animal print.
She was way excited about her ponies.
AND she loved when I gave her a box of socks. She kept saying "Socks!" It was funny.

Tessa's kitchen. It was really cute-it even had a blender. Leslie asked her to make her some juice, so Tessa proceeded to walk to the kitchen and ask Grandma to "get Lessy some juice." At least we know she can take orders pretty well.

Alex and Jordy, just being excited.

Tessa was lounging like this forever. If you can't see it, she has one leg up on the fireplace and one leg stretched out on the ground. She's bendy.
She got real posey at breakfast.
Alex and Doug boxed on the wii. I can't remember who won, but it was probably my boo. He usually does. Boo ya.

Tessa and Cailey. She got pretty posey then too.

She's pretty affectionate.

Welp, that's all for now. I have some way cute pictures of Tessa and Emma, her new bestie, but I haven't figured out how to get them onto the computer yet. So...yep.


Ashlii Brooke said...

LOL a trophy wife and a kitchen! She is the funnest girl ever. BTW I called you the other day to tell you RUBIE WALKED! I know amazing...but when you didn't answer I just blogged it instead. Figured that would be a whole lot easier than calling each sibling individually. Anyway thanks for calling me back :) Tell Tessa I want to hang out with her later.

Jenna said...

Chelsea, I found your blog from Lindsey who told me how funny your blog is. She was very right. How are you? Tessa is so cute, I haven't seen her since she was a baby. My blog is private but if you send me your email at I'll send you the secret link...

Heather Strong said...

I love that picture of the 3 of you up top! So cute!