Sunday, March 22, 2009

Washington DC "Barrack"ed Our World

This week was Spring Break, so Alex and I got to go to Washington DC. It was a blast. Alex had never been, so he really just drank it up. He's pretty into America. But who isn't right? Oh yeah, the Taliban. Anyway, I just figure instead of telling you all of the magical things that happened, I'd picture blog your brains out. Here it goes!
The first night we went to the White House. Obama wasn't home, he was on Jay Leno. Did you guys see it? Totally talked about the special olympics. Offensive right? Not really, I love Obama. I'm a democrat.
We then headed to the Washington Monument. This is it. Pretty boring.
Alex was overcome with the spirit while walking to the Lincoln Memorial. And I'm not even kidding.
He took so many pictures of Lincoln. I think it's because he loves the part in Planet of the Apes when the spaceship lands and Charlton Heston/Mark Wahlberg walks up the steps and instead of Abe it's an ape. Classic.

We saw some othere memorials (there are a lot!) and then headed back to the hotel. But first we ate at Johnny Rockets.
Alex seriously made out with this milkshake.

Day Two. We went to the National Holocaust Museum, but no pictures of that. It would be inappropriate. And there were so many people there, I didn't want to get them in my pictures! So after that we went on over to the Jefferson Memorial. He's pretty sweet.
We totally made friends with this couple who took our picture. Well, I think the girl was into me. She was cool too I guess.

Then we went over to the George Mason Monument. Who is George Mason? Hell if we know, we actually took a wrong turn heading over to the FDR Memorial. George Mason apparently was Washington's mentor.
I thought he was dreamy.
This is at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. He's the hot one, you know, the one with polio?
These might be inappropriate. They were depictions of the Great Depression. Alex just likes standing in line.

On our walk, Alex got pretty artsy. He took a bunch of pictures of me being adorable. Which isn't hard to do, since I'm always adorable.
And my tights totally rocked.
Art. It's in his blood.
Isn't it funny? I don't even care.

Then we ate at a restaurant that was way to classy for us. Well, not for Alex. Look at him.
Class is oozing from his pores.
Day Three. Arlington. It was freezing.

Can you tell I love when Alex takes pictures? I do.That night Alex decided he wanted some doughnuts. A dozen of them. I don't even know. I think it was in honor of Sophie. That girl loves her some doughnuts.

Anyway, I'm getting bored. These pictures were on our last day, when we went to the Smithsonian museums and to the Capital. The art museum rocked my world. Alex liked the planes.
Alex's attempt to get the Natural History Museum. It's a good picture of me though. And half of the elephant.
Our nation's capitol. Beautiful.

Monet. Totally worth it.
Wha? Is this Van Gogh? Yes, it sure is.
I was just fixing the Capitol. Funny.
The birds totally flew on my command! Craziness.
We got really tired and decided to sit and get something to drink. Like a million dollars later, we got these 16 oz. drinks. Rip off.
Then I realized we hadn't taken any jumping pictures, even though I wrote like 7 of them into the itinerary. So I mustered up all of the strength that was left in my body and got this beauty.
So proud.

There are a lot more pictures, but I'm seriously so bored of uploading them!! And I probably should spend time with Tessa since we left her for a week!


Heather Strong said...

First, why does Alex have a purse and where can I get one like it??
Second, how on earth did you get such a great jumping picture because I wanted one at In and Out Booger and it just wasn't happening! Third, that looks like a really fun trip!

James said...

Seriously Chelsea I want you to be in my pocket all day or I want to be a little person on your shoulder. You are so awesome! But you knew that, right?!That trip does look like a blast. Totally jealous.

James said...

Oh and James=Lindsey Forrest. Even though James thinks your pretty awesome... at least I know he will or would, lets hang!

Cailey&Devon said...

Um... MY tights totally rocked you mean. I would like those back please.
Welcome home.
Give me my tights back.

Jenna said...

you guys and your crazy spring break out of controlness. Looks like fun.