Monday, August 10, 2009

Kung Fu

So Alex was cleaning out our closets tonight and found this robe that my mom gave me a while ago. Actually, Tessa must have found it. So she put it on and then came downstairs to show me how to "fight the peoples" (direct quote from my 2 year old). Apparently, she knows Kung Fu.

Also, as most of you are probably aware, I watch a lot of television. Especially since we have TiVo and Comcast On Demand. So I've been watching Mad Men on our on demand, and every episode is brought to you (or me) by Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, starring Brad Pitt. Well, Tessa has caught on to Alex's not so secret obsession of Brad Pitt. So she learned who he was. He'll come on the television, and Tessa will say "there's Brad Pitt," like she knows him. And she does this without fail every single time it shows his face. So the other day I was trying to get her to tell Cailey about it, and she decided to tell Cailey the name of the movie that he's in as well. No, I did not teach her to say it. She just picked up on it. So I guess I'm not allowed to watch TV with her around anymore...I know, poor me, right? Even though we told Tessa that we can't say that word, we make her say it for everyone. So I immortalized it by putting it on film. Again, this is my 2 year old...

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Cailey&Devon said...

Oh man I wish I had sound on my work computer... Lame. Tessa looks good though.