Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Totally Ran the Salt Lake Marathon...

...5K. Did you think I could really run 26 miles? Silly you. But seriously, I didn't even think I could do 3 miles, or whatever a 5K is. But I did it. Yesterday my sisters, mom, and Zach met down with all the other marathoners at 7:30 am and ran our little hearts out. Well, my mom and Zach ran their hearts out, followed by Cecily-who ran most of the time, then Cailey and me, who walk/ran/jogged, but mostly walk-jogged. It was tough stuff and today my legs don't work right. Alex thought it was funny because "it was only 3 miles" and I was like, "3 miles of hell is more like it." I'm totally proud of myself though, and my fam. This isn't a very funny post...I'll think of funnier things for next time.
Waiting to start the race...we totally made friends with the women behind the camera. They were A-dorable.

Our running shoes. You'll notice that our time chips were attached to our shoelaces. Technology. (Time chips track your time, for those who don't know.)

After we finished. It was like Saved by the Bell. Not the college years or the years with Tori (remember her? She always wore a leather jacket. She was pre-Kelly Kapowski.)


kerri said...

Wow, Congratulations! What a fun thing to be a part of, that's a great accomplishment! Way to go Chelsea!

Lindsey said...

WAY TO GO CHELS!!! That's so awesome. I wish I would have saw you down there yesterday... we couldv'e had our time chips become friends. Seriously way to go. That's awesome!!