Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I got tagged on facebook too, and then I noticed that Cailey did hers on her blog, so I was all, "me too!" And I never get on facebook, so I would rather share my randomness with blog followers. The funny thing about this is most people who know me probably know these random things already.
1: I have to, have to, have to brush my teeth before I do anything else in the day. I just feel bad when Alex has to kiss me with morning breath. And he me. So I always make him wait until my teeth are brushed.

2: I make Alex brush his teeth before I'll kiss him. BAM! I'm that awesome of a wife. Just joshing, I let it slide most of the time. NO, I don't actually. I don't even care.

3: When I get a bottled drink, I have to be the one to open it and take the first sip. It drives me nuts if Alex/Tessa/strangers drink it before me.

4: I love Diet Coke. I bet you're thinking, 'duh, we already knew that.' But wait, there's more. If I have the option, I'd rather drink it from a 20 oz than from a can. BUT, if it's from the fountain, I choose Coke.

5: If we're driving in the car and a song comes on, it drives me crazy if someone starts singing before they're supposed to. I usually will start it over.

6: I just realized that some of my randomness makes me sound mean. Oh well.

7: I watch way too much tv. Ask me anything about any show that was ever on. I know it.

8: I have an insanely huge knowledge of X-Men. I don't even know where it came from, but I can tell you anything about them. Their real names, their powers. Anything.

9: I sometimes like being sick. I like that Alex will do anything and everything for me. I'd do the same for him, don't worry!

10: I would rather hang out with my family than anyone else. Ever. (not including Alex and Tessa. They're my number ones.)

11: I love/slash hate dinosaurs. Refer to previous posts.

12: I wish I had curly hair. I think I'd look good. My sisters both have a little curl in their hair, and I'm jealous.

13: I feel like I need to say this. I love hanging out with my family. But, for those who don't know, Alex LOVES his friends. Which he should, but secretly, I love them too-I like hanging out with them. Don't tell them though, I'd never live it down.

14: I'd rather get take out then eat at a restaurant. When we were little we used to do picnics in our family room, and my mom would lay out a huge blanket and we'd eat dinner there. It was the best. So I hope to do that with my family, because it's one of the best memories I have of my family. Oh, precious.

15: I'm a really picky eater (for the most part). But I love to eat.

16: I hate going out of town with a messy house. If we're going somewhere, I have to make sure my house is clean from top to bottom. Thanks Mom.

17: I hate when little kids try to do my hair. I know I sound horrible. But I don't want them to pretend to style it. It hurts. This is something I've had to work on with Tessa, because she likes to fix my hair. It's really nice when my sisters are around, because she likes fixing their hair more since their's is longer than mine.

18: I was almost on American Idol. I say almost because I never actually tried out-I didn't have any support-but I would totally have made it if I had gone to the auditions.

19: Next year I'll be on American Idol. Just a prediction.

20: I love Martin Lawrence. My family knows this, but I think that they think I'm joking. I'm not. Has anyone seen Blue Streak? Classic.

21: I'm stealing this from Cailey-I always try to work Office/30 Rock quotes into my everyday conversations. Sometimes I'll just quote it, even when no one is talking.

22: I love horror movies. If I have my choice between a romantic comedy or a horror movie, I go with horror. Alex hates this about me. I think it makes him feel weird that my ideal date would be dinner (at home) and then whatever scary movie is in the theater at the time. Nothing says romance like bloodiness, am I right or am I right?

23: I hate the smell of girly lotions. Bath and Body Works is one of my hells. If someone around me puts on lotion or body spray that smells anything like flowers or grass, it makes me nauseous. Sorry.

24: I'm actually a pretty good cook. Alex always makes dinner at our house, but it's not because I can't cook. I just don't. But I'll make a kick A dinner for you sometime. Just ask. I thank my mom on this one again.

25: I don't like sno cones or slurpies. There. I said it.

Welp. That's it.


Whitney said...

We have so much in common it makes me sick..... I think we're soul mates, yah I said it!

Cailey&Devon said...

You would have curl in your hair if you just let me CURL your hair. I kinda promise we can sorta mostly make it look good...