Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To...

On Sunday my family had their annual Oscar party, and it definitely was the best party so far. Kudos to Cessy and Cailey-I just made confetti cake. They went all out with the decorations and everything. I wish I had gotten a picture of the table. It was a-dorable. We had food that was named after the nominees, like "Sean Penne Pasta with Cate Blan-cheddar cheese". Stuff of that sort. So cute. Mine was named "Cake Winslet."
Just a little taste of the decorations.
Anywhoodle, we went over to the parents house and made our predictions as to who the winners would be this year. So every year we have a competition between the family of who can guess the most correctly. Well, I never win. It's usually Coleman or Cecily, and occassionally my dad, if he's lucky. So this year I was determined. How determined you ask? Well, the night before I researched the crap out of it. I went to a bunch of different websites to see what they predicted, and then I guessed from there. Well, it paid off. I totally won.

Awesome picture. I won this DVD. It's Rain Man, the Best Picture Award winner for 1989. Researched it. And that's my ballot. You can't see it very well, but there are only 4 x's on it. Those are the only ones that I got wrong. BAM!

Then this year Cecily added another little competition. Between the commercials, she would ask different trivia questions. So it was neck and neck between Coleman and Cailey. Coleman ended up winning, but it got terrifying for a while. My dad won the MVP of the night though. He was awarded by giving him the Oscar pinata and letting him beat the crap out of it.

Action shots. It was full of snakes and candy.

Everyone that came. Except the other side of the room, for some reason the picture didn't turn out well. It was my parents and Cole and Ash and Sophie. Picture them in your heads.

It was a pretty awesome night.

Real fast, I forgot the other stuff that happened this week! Alex had a soccer game on Tuesday, and Tessa got into it. Lance had sent her a jersey from Chile for Christmas, so she finally got to wear it. She seriously loves going to the soccer games. Yes, I'm worried. I really want her to be a dancer or a figure skater. Or a realtor. But I think she's going to want to play soccer. My worst fear. JK, it's cool if she wants to do that. I'm a democrat.

Tessa and her jersey.

Also, this week we celebrated Trace's birthday. For those who don't know Trace, he's Alex's dad. He doesn't look a day over 40. We just had some dinner over at their house and then opened presents. It was fun.

Opening presents.

Then we took Tessa bowling for her first time. She loved it. They played a lot of Beyonce and Usher, so she was having a good time.

AND-I'm totally a Bikram Yogite. I've been converted. No pictures of that. Just imagine me dripping sweat and times it by a thousand. Got it?


Lindsey said...

Girl you are doing the Bikram?!! Is it not SOOO awesome. I am coming to the free one next Saturday {first one in March} Lets sweat our boobs off together. I Was going to say balls, but we don't have those... you might, but I sorta don't think so.

Cailey&Devon said...

Oh hi. So could you please send me the pics from oscar night. Preferably ones with Devs & I so that I too can blog about it... Also, are you bikraming tonight? Carpool? I bought a yoga mat. It's pink.

zach and cecily said...

I too need pics of Oscar night. And I too will see you at Yoga. But I will not carpool. I will be at moms. BUT I too have a yoga mat. You've seen it. It's purple.

Lindsey said...

Will you adopt me to be in your family? You always have the BEST parties!! Seriously... when can you sign the papers

Lindsey said...

Will you adopt me to be in your family? You always have the BEST parties!! Seriously... when can you sign the papers

Lindsey said...

And can you also adopt James? I really like him and I think you would too

Lindsey said...

Sorry so many comments, one last thing... lets do lunch NEXT week. First week of March. Wanna?!