Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ashlii tagged me a while ago and I just realized it. I love surveys and tags.

Three names I go by-
3:Mom-I don't have any nicknames, and Alex doesn't really call me anything except babe, but that's only when he wants something. Just kidding. Sort of.

Three restaurants I love-
2:Subway (this counts right?)
3:Olive Garden

Three trips to plan in the next year-
1:Washington DC
and then I don't know.

Three things I want badly-
1:A new house
2:A new house
3:A new house

Three pets I have had-
1:Dignon-my fish that I accidentally ground up in the disposal.
2:Jebus-my mom killed him inadvertantly...she gave him to Kenzie.
3:Max-I hated him.

Three things I did yesterday-
1:Helped Leslie move-sort of. I sat there while Alex and Trace moved her bed.
2:Helped my mom cater a retirement party.
3:Bought the cutest boots of my life...Alex said I can't have them until Christmas, but I'm sure he can be dealt with.

Three things I ate today-
1:Honey Bunches of Oats
2:I'll probably have a diet coke sometime-it's only 11 am.

Three fears I have-
1:I'm fearless. So having fear is scary to me.

Three things I plan(ned) on doing today-
1:Cleaning my house, but that'll be thwarted because Alex will say, "It's Sunday, lets just relax today."
2:Relaxing with Alex (against my will.)
3:Decorating for Halloween-but that too will be thwarted by Alex.

Three things I plan on doing tomorrow-
2:Showering-seriously, I haven't showered in 4 days.
3:Cleaning my house, since I won't be able to do it today.

Three favorite holidays-
3:Labor Day

Three favorite beverages-
1:Diet Coke
2:Diet Coke
3:Diet Coke

Three things I can't live without-
1:See previous question.

Three people I tag-Heather, Whitney, My sisters since they didn't do this yet, and Ash tagged them a while ago.

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Ashlii Brooke said...

Holy crap you are so funny. I am still sick so I can't laugh too hard without coughing...I was choking. Thwarted...ha - hysterical.