Friday, October 10, 2008

Leslie's Wedding

So Alex's little sister Leslie got married yesterday, and I have a bunch of pictures that deserve blogging about. They had their wedding dinner at The Lion House on Tuesday, and that was a lot of fun. Tessa stayed with my mom, so Alex and I had our night off.

Tessa getting ready to go to my mom's house. Alex got her dressed, and he was so proud of himself.

Alex and me...obviously.

Jordy, Leslie, and Alex. Lance is on a mission so he wasn't there. Obviously.

Then they had their reception in their Aunt Tina's backyard, which was so fun. My mom did the catering, so my sisters were there too, which was also fun. Tessa enjoyed herself. It was like someone injected sugar straight into her bloodstream-I've never seen her so wild.

Tessa eating ice.

The family at the reception. Tessa was mad because she wanted to dance and we made her stop to take a picture. I actually don't have any pictures of Leslie at all...she was busy being married. All in all, it was a really fun day.

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