Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

So Ashlii invited us to go to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point. She had heard about it on the news, and let me just say, words cannot describe it. Except magic-that describes it pretty well. I told Ashlii that I was going to blog the hell out of this festival, so here it goes! We got there and Sophie was launching rockets-they put these little hand made rockets on PVC pipes and then they launch into the air-but by launch I mean they could impale a person. Then the little kids run to get their rockets and go launch them again. Tessa loved watching Sophie launch them-then they would run together, so I got some cute pictures of that.

Getting ready to launch it.

Holding hands-so cute.

Cailey and Ashlii trying to capture all the memories. There were a lot.

Then we were walking to get food and we noticed this super tall guy at the pumpkin patch. So we mosied over and found ourselves in the midst of a celebrity...

What the? Hey Shawn Bradley...that's right, he's that guy from Space Jam.

Then we got the kiddies faces painted. It was cute.

Tessa getting her face painted.

Stone was getting Dracula.

Sophie was a cat.

After the face painting. Stone was still getting his done.

Then they didn't wanna take pictures.
It was a way fun day-there was so much for the kids to do!

The bounce houses-they went in all 5 of them.

Stone helping Tessa into one of the bouncy slides.

The family at the festival.

Tessa loved hugging Sophie.

The pumpkin patch. Ashlii and I didn't have husbands. (Alex went to work. Cole was golfing.)

The train. The train of death is more like it...just kidding, it was just a normal train.

Rubie was there too. She loved it. Especially her stroller. Or when Tessa pinched her cheeks so hard that she cried. I'm still sorry Ash.
Anywhoodle, that was the festival in a nutshell. It was way fun, and hopefully it'll be our new fall tradition. Thanks Ash!

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Whitney Kelly and Emma too! said...

i dont think i can bring emma around until she has that pinching habit under control! Other than that shes the cutest baby besides emma!