Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend O' Fun

So there are a lot of things to post! This has been a weekend of fun (hence the title.) Tessa and I did a little bit of shopping on Thursday which was fun since it's been a while...

The 4th was a busy day for us, because Alex's really loves freedom. First, we hit up the Centerville Parade, which never fails to impress. This year Tessa understands that it's candy that the people throw, so she was a lot more into it. Plus she had a cute outfit, thanks to Grandma Mindy, so I was pleased with everything.

Then, we went swimming at Alex's Grandma Linda's pool, which was fun since we were the only ones there-last year it was packed with people. Tessa wasn't really into taking pictures, so I only got one...

After that, we came home so that Tessa (and Alex and I) could take a nap. We knew we'd be up for a while since Alex comes from a neighborhood where Independence Day is anticipated months ahead of time-so we needed our rest. We had a barbecue at his parent's house, which was fun. Plus, my sister Cecily married his next door neighbor, so we get to see each other even when we are with our in laws. An added bonus was that my parents were out of town, so my little sister Cailey came with her husband Devon and they took part in the festivities as well. We got to watch "Circle of Fire" as a family. For those of you who know what that is, you understand how terrifying it can be. It was Devon's first time, so he was uber excited....he came down from that cloud real quickly. Just kidding, it was actually way safer this year than in years past. Trust me...there are scars to prove it.

Today (actually, I just realized it was midnight, so I guess yesterday) we went to breakfast and then took the kids to the zoo, which was hot. Not hot as in good, hot as in I wanted to die. It was still pretty fun though. Yes, there are more pictures.

After the zoo, we hung out for a while, and then Cailey and I decided to dye our hair. Mine actually looks pretty much the same because I'm too scared to dye it any darker than it already is. But Cailey's is different.

And, last but not least, this morning while Tessa and I were waiting to go to the zoo we were looking at other people's blogs. So we were looking at our friends Kelly and Whitney Morrison, and they posted a video of their daughter Emma, and Tessa would not stop watching it. Every time it would end she would whine for me to start it over again. So, she loves Emma-and she's never even really met her. I took some video of it as proof for Whitney. Not like I would lie, but I was not kidding when I said she loved Emma. Enjoy!


kelly said...

that is very cute! ha ha ha ha best friends and they dont even know it!!

Whitney and Kelly! said...

i LOVE the video!!!! I made emma play it for me over and over again!!!!!! Im SO glad they are best friends! I knew it would happen