Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tagged...I'm not sure what that means

I believe I was 'tagged' by here it is!

Three Joys:
1. Tessa-obviously. She's too awesome.
2. Alex-obviously...he's awesome too.
3. Television or my family. It's a tie.

Three Fears:
1. That we'll be living in the same house forever.
2. Having another baby that's not as cool as Tess. She's seriously too awesome.
3. Having my cable go out. I love VH1 and E!.

Three Goals:
1. To stay healthy. I think I'm pretty good so far.
2. To convince Alex that we need to move. He's close to being sold.
3. Graduate college.

Three Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. I don't have any... but Subway.

Three Random Surprising Facts About Me:
1. I have this ridiculously vast knowledge of comic book things. Like, I can probably name all of the X-Men and their powers. I don't even know why. I've never read any comic books...except Archie and Jughead. And let me tell you, they were interesting.
2. I am pretty funny. That's not surprising though, I mean, have you met me? I'm swell.
3. I'm the best dancer ever. According to myself...and Cessy.

I tag: Cailey, Whitney, Ashlii
(I would tag Cessy, but we all know she'll never repost this, or anything)

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