Monday, November 28, 2011

Tessa's Birthday

So even though I'm almost a month behind, I felt the need to blog! Tessa's birthday was the beginning of this month and since she was turning 5 I decided she should have an awesome birthday party. But holy crap, this is the last party she's ever having. She's finally at an age where she has a bunch of little friends, so she wanted all of them to come. Then, she has a bunch of cousins who she loves, so they all came too. So 17 kids under 5 later, I was spent. BUT, I nailed it. I totally almost Taylor-ed her birthday party and just had an awesome luncheon for my friends, but then I realized I only have like 2 friends that aren't my sisters/sister in laws and one lives out of state, so yeah... She had a bakery themed birthday party, so we converted our garage into a little bake shop thing...we had to line it with plastic from floor to ceiling. Alex then told me that we make an excellent kill room (Dexter fans will get this) and I said, "you wouldn't know, you don't even watch Dexter.." but I totally agree. We rocked it. Here are pictures... Tessa in her newly decorated apron. And she was dumping sprinkles on her cookie.One half of the party room. This is where my family mostly sat with the twins that live by us. When they sat down they said to Stone, "yeah, we're twins." It was fun.The other half. I didn't get a picture of the food table, but it was cute. I put cookie cutters in jars and everything.This is the picture I got of the food table. Dexter kept stealing oreos, taking a bite, then putting them back. He just didn't want anyone else to have them. But Sebs didn't care, he ate 3.See? Look how happy.This is Tessa opening presents. She was super excited for everything, as seen here.Gift of the year for her would be this outfit-way to go Stone and Seb...or your parents. She seriously lived in it for a week until I finally had to wash it. Look at that form...Then she got to be a special person at school, so she made a poster and took cupcakes. Last year she had just gotten her shots, which I like to do to my children right around their birthdays, so she was sick on her day. Not this year-she was crazy fine.And can't forget this lil guy. Little do you guys know that right before this he stole a cupcake from her...then right after he pulled her hair. He's a sweetie. And spare me the comments about how red his hair looks...I know, and I'm fine with it. It's fine. It's fine. I'm fine. It's fine.
We had a little party with my family and Alex's family, but I don't have those pictures on the computer yet, so sorry guys were all there, so you know what it was like.


Linds Forrest said...

That party is sweet! You can help me do James' party next October. That gives you 11 months. And that part about friends... I hope I am that one that lives out of state. But if not... that's ok. You're my friend and I'll throw you a luncheon! :)

Kerri said...

Gosh Chelsea... I saw more of you this past weekend than I usually do in a year! ;) You have such a sweet little family! DARLING kids! Thank you so much for sharing your home with us!

Zach and Cecily said...

OMG is his hair getting redder??....It's actually getting cuter the redder it gets. Seriously.