Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Sullivan

I finally remembered that I hadn't finished posting pictures of the baby-we only have the pictures that were at the hospital, so we probably should get around to taking more since he's almost a year old already. I didn't want anyone to think I forgot them, so here are some more pictures of him. He looks the same in all of them...we're working on it.

Les and Doug-he didn't want to hold my baby. So I'm all, "Doug, what's wrong with my baby?" Not really. He holds him...or held him. That one time. And once on Sunday. He'll get better...

Tessa got presents from everyone that came to visit. I think she wants me to have babies all the time because she got more stuff than Sullivan did! But I'm thinking, "no thanks Tessa...babies are hard to have." Who's with me?!

Jordy loves him. I'm pretty sure of it, but Jordy is so mysterious, you never know what he's thinking. Boys will be boys, thank goodness.

Alex's grandparents came too. I'm pretty sure they loved this great grandkid the most...sorry other Osbornes...

And this is Alex's Mom!

There are a bunch more pictures, but blogger loaded them in a code rather than just the picture, so this has already taken me a good portion of my life...so I'm not uploading anymore!

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