Monday, January 9, 2012


Alex called me this morning to tell me I've been slacking in blogging. Thanks boo. So anyway, since I don't really have anything to blog about except Christmas, that's the subject!! I know it was basically a month ago, but we had a great Christmas this year, so here it goes!
Every Christmas Eve we go to my parent's house for a huge dinner and presents. And huge might be an understatement. Seriously, we had to have 3 separate tables of was ridic you guys. But of course, we have no pictures of that. What I did manage to get was a picture of my lil family. I also tried something out with Tessa's hair, on account of me not really having any. And I think I nailed it. My cute lil family. Sullivan isn't bruised, Alex gave him a highlighter to play with. And that doesn't come off.This wasn't a great picture of her hair, but it was all pin curled and then she has a super cute bump thing on the front. She was very vintage. And tattooed up, like her daddy.Better picture of her hair. And their LeapPad's they all got. And Sophie-that girl can do some photos.
Then the next morning we had our little Christmas celebration. Tessa had been asking and asking for this little storytelling Belle. She talks to all of her little friends and reads stories and sings to you. She played with her for a little bit, then asked if we could text Santa to return her so she could buy more games for her LeapPad that my parents gave her. He said it was cool. (That thing costs way more than it should.)Sully was super excited for all of his toys, that he ran into the kitchen and found this old candy in the drawer. This is what he carried around for most of the day. Successful Christmas.So all Alex wanted for Christmas/his birthday was an iPad. He researched them and found the best deal, and pretty much just bought it for himself. I even made him go pick it up from the store when it was delivered (I know, but have you tried taking two kids to Wal Mart alone? Better yet, have you tried taking Sullivan anywhere?!) I at least wrapped it. So he had no surprises at all.I, on the other hand, was shocked. He got me an iPad too!! It's like the Gift of the Magi. (JK, it's not at all like that.)
Then we went to the Osborne's for their celebration. They make a big breakfast and we all get to exchange presents with each other, which is always fun.

This is the first picture (I think) with all the cousins on the Osborne side. I realize my family outweighs this 2-1, but oh man aren't they all so cute. Molly is almost 3 months old and has more hair than Sullivan.Molly with her most fave aunt. I know I look like I'm in pain, but this was seriously the 5th picture Alex took. So I kinda was.Jordy had me this year and did not disappoint (I think he had help from Alex). I have been asking for Romy and Michele's High School Reunion since Alex and I got married. So 7 years later, I finally got it. From his little brother!

Anyway-this was a super long post, but our Christmas was awesome, obvi.


Linds Forrest said...

You hair look so fabulous!! Beautiful. And you are

Doug and Leslie said...

It's okay Chels. Molly is starting to look like an old man because of darn hair loss! Sully has long strands, Molly has bald spots :)

Annie Harper said...

Hey! So about those bottles...they are just Starbucks frappe chinos from Walmart, that I handed out to friends who drink coffee cuz, hello...SINNING! We stick to massive energy drinks and mt dew by the liter at our house, thank you very much. Anyways once they were finished they gave em back and I just goo goned those lil labels right off and stuck them in the dishwasher. Bam. Easy as that. Don't tell your bishop. Except if you drink them, then totally tell him.

Bonus: Im using them again for a shower I am throwing soon - so $ well spent I say!

Jillyn said...

Have I already told you that I love your hair? I am so envious. You can pull off long, short, red, blonde, or brown. Looking good girl!