Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tessa and Mommy's Day O' Fun

So...Today is Tessa's last day of being an only child (unless I have about a million hours of labor tomorrow, which I'm not planning on.) And, honestly I've been a little nervous to transition her into the life of a big sister. I mean, she loves babies. But other people's babies. I think she might freak out when our baby has to stay here forever. So I've been planning on having a Tessa Day. Or as I call it, "Tessa and Mommy's Day O' Fun! (including Daddy)" If you're a Friends fan, you get it. If not, seriously? The end of Friends was like the end of an era....right Cailey? So I've been telling Tessa for the past few days that she can choose to do whatever she wants and we'll do it. So at first she was all, "let's play at Gracie's house." That's the little girl across the street. But Alex and I replied, "seriously, pick something better." So she says, "Gracie can come to my house." To which I said, "Tessa, my hell. Pick something awesome and Gracie can't come." (Note: I like Gracie. She's a cute little girl, but did anyone else hear Gracie's name in the title of our Day O' Fun? No.)

SO-now Tessa says:

"Let's go to the zoo. And the Aquarium. And that park that I wanted to go to someday. And I want a slurpee. And go to a farade (which I'm guessing means parade.) And swimming at Grandma Linda's. Is Stoney home? Let's have Cessy bring Stoney and Sebastian to our house and then she can leave so we can watch them. And where's Sophie? Let's go see her at her Grandma Keri's. Rubie can come to the playground with us. Can we go to St. George? I need band-aids, can we get some princess ones? Can we go to daddy's office and get him? I want Chicken Nuggets at McDonalds. Is Dexter at Grandma Linda's? I love Dexter."

What the f. I'm only having another's not like the world is ending and we have to go to every single place that's ever existed...

Our conversation then went as follows:

Me: "We can definitely go to the zoo. And to McDonald's. But we probably can't go to St. George."

Tessa: "But I want to. Kenzie and Sophie get to go. I want to go."

Me: "Well, would you rather go to St. George or have a BABY BROTHER?"

Tessa: "I don't want a brother anymore. I want to go to St. George."

So obviously, we're screwed.

But seriously, isn't she the best? What if our baby sucks? That's my biggest fear-that our baby won't be as awesome as Tessa is...and that he'll be ugly. (but that's every parents fear.)


Kelly said...

Of course he'll be just as awesome as Tessa! Good luck with the whole pain/labor thing. That's always fun. Is it sad that right after I have my babies the first thing I think about is, "when can I eat?" That's so cool you're doing a day for guys are awesome parents. :-) Oh, and she'll get over the whole, "I don't want a baby brother" thing.

Zach and Cecily said...

I'm just sad I won't get to use any more of my fat jokes. But then again - "You'll always be fat to me"

Missy Bryner said...

Hey good luck tomorrow! We are so excited to meet the newest baby Osborne! We are headed to St George tomorrow and would be glad to take Tessa with us if she really doesn't want that baby brother:) Hope all goes well, and I expect pictures immediately! Get Alex to take care of that for me, K!

Linds Forrest said...

If your baby is ugly I will buy you cute masks for him to wear! Happy laboring.

Cailey&Devon said...

Oh man... I just read that to Devon and I am out of breath... Ahhh I can't wait to meet your baby!! Ya know who I'm talking about... That kid that's your son... Dexter's cousin.. See you in the am. I'm gonna let your baby know that I will always have gum. (Friends quote.. booyah)