Sunday, May 18, 2008

St. George

We just got back from St. George, and I had some cute pictures and awesome videos that I believe to be pretty enjoyable. We were there for my cousin's wedding, and the whole Madsen family went, so it was really fun. The video below is at her reception and my brothers were throwing jelly beans into my dad's mouth. It's a favorite past time of ours...

Anyhow, my mom has this blow up pirate ship since there isn't a pool at our house yet, so the little kids get a kick out of it. Tessa loved it, and that's the video below. I think Sophie and slipped out of it and Tess thought it was funny, so at the end of the video she is pretending to slip off of it. She did it about a million times after that, but I stopped recording.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip too.



That's all =)

Whitney and Kelly! said...

Ahh! You have a blog! how fun! im so excited slash miss you guys SO much more now! tessa is getting so big.. show her my picture too! haha! I seriously love her.. and strive for my daughter to be like her.. does that make sense? haha! anywho! love the videos and miss you guys a ton more! COME TO CALI ASAP!